Vertu is proud to announce that we have prints available by the renowned Graffiti/Pop artist Shepard Fairey at our gallery in Boca Raton, Florida. Our focus is to collect prints by some of the leading artist in Abstract Expressionism, Pop and Optical Art, and the acquisition of prints by Shepard Fairey holds true to our vision to promote modern art.


Shepard Fairey, who’s arguably the most recognized street artist of the twenty-first century, creates works using a wide variety of media such as screen prints, stickers, stencils and collages. While he gained an enormous amount of publicity during the 2008 presidential campaign for his Barack Obama “Hope” poster, Fairey has actually been creating art since the late eighties. He first gained public attention for the “André the Giant has a Posse” sticker, which was done as a street art campaign while he was studying art at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Fairey’s OBEY Campaign

Fairey has explained his “OBEY” campaign as an experiment in phenomenology. In 1989, he did his first campaign as an experiment in phenomenology called when he created his “André the Giant has a Posse” stickers . This initial experiment was rather more straightforward than some of Fairey’s more recent works that experiment in phenomenology, as “André the Giant has a Posse” was only meant to provoke the attention of viewers and cause them to stop and question its meaning. In reality, however, the sticker had no meaning at all apart from being a way to provoke a reaction from its viewers, who were likely to have been confused upon seeing it.

This initial experiment in phenomenology later led to the “Obey Giant” campaign, and most of Fairey’s newer prints feature the word “Obey” written somewhere in a retro font. The artist uses this to make a satirical statement about propaganda, focusing his work on creating pieces that are meant to encourage people to question modern standards in thinking, often making bold statements that blatantly suggest direct propaganda in everyday things.

The Fairey prints currently available at Vertu, all feature the “Obey” theme popularized by the artist.

Know Your Rights

“Know your rights” is one of the Shepard Fairey prints currently available at Vertu. The 42 x 42 inch print follows the ideas present in some of Fairey’s other works through its blunt reference to political propaganda. With the words “OBEY RECORD” displayed at the top of this print, it’s one of the many prints that center around the “Obey” theme Fairey uses in his art.

Classic Disks

Another one of Fairey’s prints that feature a strong message about propaganda, this 42 x 42 inch print explores propaganda related specifically to music. With its powerful image and the words “PUTTING MUSIC ON A PEDESTAL SINCE 1989” written across the top, the message of this print could not be any clearer. “Classic Disks” is another one of the Fairey prints available for sale at Vertu.

Luxurious Sounds

This 42 x 42 inch print ties in perfectly with the other Fairey prints available at Vertu. Once again centering around the theme of propaganda as music, its retro style mimicking old fashioned advertisements holds a clear message, suggesting that ideas are being “sold” and in this metaphor, music is the means of spreading the message. This style is evident throughout all the Fairey prints currently available in our gallery.

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