Donald Sultan’s works appear simple, yet are powerful pieces that contain layers of complexity. The progression of Sultan’s work has led to several of the series that we have been lucky to obtain.

From his linoleum and tar-layered industrial paintings, through his mixed-media still life, Sultan has found a way of incorporating colors, textures and space to create works that seem almost understated but have a boldness that can’t be ignored.

Lantern Flower Series

The Lantern Flower Series screen prints are a fine example of the power of Sultan’s work. His use of contrasting enamel ink and negative space give each print a feeling of strength, although the subject is a delicate flower. The color of each print, in the 24” x 24” series, is remarkable, each a commanding presence.

The series of larger Lantern Flower screen prints in our collection have the same bold character of the smaller prints, with the added tar-like texture that moves across the nearly seven-foot surface of the print in undulating design.

Sultan’s Lantern Flower sculptures make use of the artist’s love of industrial design and still life and the elegance and movement of flowers. Each piece is made of painted aluminum on a polished aluminum base. These sculptures are from a limited edition of 20 and we feel very fortunate to have obtained three from this series.

Tulip and Vase Sculpture Series

This painted aluminum series of sculptures came after the Lantern Flower series and have a more formal feeling, but still maintain the flowing feel of the Lantern Flower sculptures.

Flowers with Diamond Dust

Layers of color and diamond dust create the unique feel and quality that makes Sultan’s work so instantly recognizable. Part of a limited edition of 75, each is unique in color, texture and feel.

More About Donald Sultan

One of America’s foremost contemporary artists, Donald Sultan’s work is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The Budapest Art Hotel houses almost 600 pieces of his work, a project he worked on for a year. His work is exhibited in Paris, Zurich and other major venues around the globe.

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It is an honor to have his work in our gallery and to be able to offer both his prints and sculptures to our clients.