Andy Warhol 1928-1987

Andy Warhol would probably not be surprised by all the attention he has gotten since his death, more than thirty-five years ago.

The Burger King ad, #EatLike ANDY, created a stir when it was shown at the Super Bowl in 2019. People loved it, hated it, and couldn’t stop talking about it. Thousands Googled Andy Warhol during the game. Burger King got its $5 million worth.

This year, Andy Warhol is the focus of even more attention:

A six-part documentary The Andy Warhol Diaries is on Netflix. The Collaboration, a play on stage in London, about the relationship between Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, is on track to become a film. Andy, the musical, was staged in Lisbon last year. Warhol, by art critic Blake Gopnik, is a recently published biography. Andy Warhol: Revelation is a current exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum that focuses on Warhol’s religious works. The Bated Breath Theater Company in New York is doing Chasing Andy Warhol, a theatrical tour through the East Village.

Andy Warhol’s enigmatic personality and celebrity status often overshadows his talent and skill as an artist. The youngest of three sons of immigrants, Warhol grew up in Pittsburgh. His father died when he was thirteen.

He attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where he studied commercial art and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in pictorial design in 1949. He moved to New York after graduation and began a very successful career in magazine illustration and advertising. His illustrations were used in Glamour magazine and other prestigious publications. During the 1950s he began to exhibit his own works and his career was launched.

A silkscreen portrait of Marilyn Monroe is being auctioned by Christie’s in May. The estimate for what the print will garner is $200 million. The previous highest price for a Warhol painting at auction is $105 million, in 2013. Andy Warhol’s genius for mixing commercial and fine art changed the way the world looks at…everything.

The Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary Update

Last weekend’s Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary  (PBM+C) show was a great success. The works of Harland Miller and Bjorn Persson were especially well received at the VFA gallery. It is always a pleasure to share our love of fine art prints with art enthusiasts, especially after a two-years hiatus.

Please contact us if you would like more information about the works of Andy Warhol, Harland Miller, Bjorn Persson or any of the other fine artists whose works are available at VFA.

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