Victor Vasarely, who believed that, “The art of tomorrow will be a collective treasure or it will not be art at all” would have been delighted by the current exhibits of his work in Turkey.

Turkey has been hit hard by political unrest and terrorist attacks recently, but the country has managed to continue to focus on its support of the arts.

A retrospective of Victor Vasarely’s work is on exhibit at the Tophane-i Amire the Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts (MSGSU) in Istanbul through March 31 and then moves to the Arkas Art Center, in the city of Izmir, in April.

In addition to large scale paintings from the Arkas Collection, which are on exhibit for the first time, there are sculptures, carpets, banners and architectural designs from the Pécs Victor Vasarely Museum, the Budapest Fine Arts Museum and the Renault Corporate Collection.

Victor Vasarely’s Universal Appeal

Turkish painter and educator, Professor Yalçın Karayağız of MSGSU, said that Vasarely became well known in Turkey’s academic circles in the 1980s. “Methods that he used require serious mathematical solutions. And you unite it with physics and optical illusion. I mean everything you see as a circle is actually made up of cubes,” Karayağız said.

The current retrospective of his work in Turkey would have thrilled his grandfather, said Pierre Vasarely, grandson of the artist and President of the Vasarely Foundation, who traveled to Istanbul to help curate the exhibits. He said that the goal of the retrospective is to introduce his grandfather’s work, as well as the work of artists his grandfather supported, to art lovers in Turkey.

Vasarely, who was interested in both art and science, established the Alphabet Plastique in the 1950s, which combined basic geometry, using the square, circle and triangle with color scales of twenty hues. He was a mid-century visionary who understood that technology would change the world and devised a computer program for the designing of his art, as well as a do-it-yourself kit for making Op Art paintings.

The Grandfather of Op Art at VFA

During his career, which spanned more than sixty years, Victor Vasarely worked in many media. The Vasarely work for sale at VFA represents a wide range of forms and styles. Please come by or contact us for more information about the works of Victor Vasarely in our gallery.