Virtual Art Fairs have been thriving around the world. They have become an accepted practice this year and have actually broadened the art market in surprising ways. A younger audience, viewing art virtually, has joined seasoned collectors in a search for fine art, especially the works of post-war and twenty-first century artists. Artists have been working at home, limited by their inability to travel, but unlimited by their talent and imaginations.

Here’s a look at how, and what, some of our featured artists are doing, and a look at some recently acquired works.

Katherine Bernhardt

Art Basel, opened online at the end of September, with just 100 exhibitors (there are usually about 300 at the in-person fair) and 600 works. All of the work was created this year.

Brooklyn-based artist, Katherine Bernhardt has six works on exhibit. “The paintings,” she said, “are about trying to relax at the beach but being overwhelmed with fears of COVID-19 and various other disasters of the summer.” Every one of Bernhardt’s works, based on her Pink Panther character, were sold early in the show. Pink Panther-inspired works by Bernhardt are available at VFA.

Jonas Wood

This year, like the year before, the works of Jonas Wood have been some of the best selling in the Contemporary Art Market. Woods, based in LA, pays homage to modern masters like Matisse, Picasso, Braque, Alexander Calder, Monet, van Gogh, Stuart Davis, David Hockney and Alex Katz.

Many of the artists whose works he ‘appropriates’ became familiar  to Woods when he viewed them in the collection of his grandfather. Woods also ‘collaborates’ with his wife, sculptor Shio Kusaka, whose sculptures often appear in his work. His landscapes and portraits reflect his surroundings and, often times, his love of sports. His colors and composition have made Jonas Wood’s a favorite at VFA.

Derrick Adams

Derrick Adams’ works are currently on exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg. Derrick Adams: Buoyant showcases the joyful moments of life that Black Americans experience with friends and family, a side of Black lives that is often overlooked in visual art.

The inspiration for this body of work was a 1967 Ebony Magazine photo spread that showed Martin Luther King Jr. on vacation with his family.

Adams says that Black artists often focus on social injustice, so pervasive in American culture. “But for me, as an artist,” Adams said in a recent radio interview, “what I enjoy about art is the ability to capture things that are not necessarily topical, and imagine circumstances and situations that are not so foreign from us, things that we participate in all the time that we may not think of as being as significant as we should think of it as, because we wouldn’t be able to exist in a way that we exist, if we were constantly fighting against things all the time.”

Derrick Adams: Buoyant will be on view through November 29, 2020. We have several recent acquisitions by Derrick Adams at VFA.

Eddie Martinez

Eddie Martinez is a Brooklyn-based artist. His works have been exhibited internationally and have garnered much recognition and above million-dollar sales. His use of bold color and line, in both his paintings and sculptures, have the feel of graffiti, which Martinez did before his became a fine artist.

Austin Lee

Austin Lee is a New York-based artist. He combines digital and painted images to create contemporary works that are at once traditional, pop and full of humor. Lee received his MFA from Yale in 2015. His works have been shown extensively in the U.S. and Europe.

Timothy Curtis

Timothy Curtis  is a Brooklyn-based artist. He had his first solo show in Tokyo in 2017 and his works have been included in shows around the world since. Much of Curtis’ work is focused on the drawings he does every day, especially drawings of faces. Our recently acquired works of Timothy Curtis show the care and commitment of this self-taught artist.

VFA Featured Artists at Work and Recent Acquisitions

Please contact us if you would like information about the works of the featured artists whose works are available at VFA.

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