For many collectors of American Pop Art, the works of Tom Wesselmann easily stand out from the crowd as extraordinary. Wesselmann’s shapes, landscapes, perspective and lovely subjects land this artist in rarified air. With regard to capturing the sensuality of the female form, no one has done it better. At VFA, we are ardent admirers of Tom Wesselmann’s works and proud of our current lineup of screenprints for sale at our Boca Raton Gallery.

One of the more dramatic Wesselmann prints for sale is Seascape Dropout. Tom Wesselmann’s dropout series are spectacular – featuring beautiful scenes painted in the negative space, rivaling the forms of their surroundings for attention. In this dropout, the viewer’s perspective is one of an observant beach companion, peering through shapes within the woman’s form, taking in views of the sea as complement to the body in the foreground. Clouds, sky, water and flesh harmonized.

Wesselmann collectors will appreciate another new addition to our prints for sale, the colorful Beautiful Bedroom Kate. This piece showcases the artist’s genius for incredible detail achieved with such minimal elements. In pure Pop Art fashion, Wesselmann delivers this scene with cool commercial flatness, letting our mind’s eye sense the depth of field that comprises the central background.

Also new to our South Florida Contemporary Art gallery is Nude from 11 Pop Artists Portfolio Vol. II. This screenprint depicts Wesselmann’s contributions to a 1966 Pop Art publication that also featured the works of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Jim Dine, among other famous Pop Artists of the time. With a minimal palette and simple shapes, the artist constructs a rich vibrant sunbathing scene. Like a great poet, Wesselmann provides enough detail to allow the mind to fill the rest. Obvious are such components as the tanned skin, the non tanned bare breasts stripped of bikini, full mouth and lips, and perhaps most surprisingly – the efficient manner that the broad placement of sun, sky and clouds work so incredibly well.

Another wonderful and highly acclaimed Tom Wesselmann nude available at our Boca Raton Gallery is Claire Seated with Robe Half-Off (Vivienne). As the title indicates, this work includes two famous Wesselmann muses at once. Faces are consistent with the artist’s style – omitted are features other than lips and mouth. Oversized brunette Vivienne presents the loveliest of backdrop for Claire seated in foreground, in the large scale “larger than life” scene.

Tom Wesselmann collectors will appreciate the expressive “doodle” print, Bedroom Blonde Doodle with Photo. This work provides the viewer insight regarding how the artist crafts the framework for one his famous Bedroom landscapes. This work conjures all that Wesselmann’s fully saturated paintings do. Sensual colors and forms in place, this work simply works, whether singularly featured or as an accompaniment to one or more Wesselmann masterpieces nearby.

One of the more unique doodles we’ve come across is the unfamiliar landscape within Wesselmann’s Study for Seascape with Cumulus Clouds and Sky. Perhaps more intriguing than other such artist’s renderings, this presents the viewer with minimal hints about the finished work – enabling enhanced imagination to “see” future construction.

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