The quarantine has been a springboard for many of us to learn new skills, study things we never had time for in the past and find gratitude for many of the things that we used to take for granted. The viewing of fine art through virtual museum and gallery tours has greatly increased. Auction houses are reporting that younger, first time art buyers from countries around the world are showing an increased interest in fine art.

There are a lot of DYI sites on line and some great ideas, kooky ideas and terrible (but still interesting) ideas out there. Here are a few of the highlights:

Build a Gallery

Nine-month-old brothers Pandoro and Tiramisù survey London’s newest art institution, The Gerbil Museum (photo courtesy museum trustees Filippo and Marianna)

On a quiet Sunday, a couple of art lovers, quarantined in London, decided to create an art gallery for their gerbils, Pandora and Tiramisu.

Although the original art is very classic, and classy, the gerbils seemed to enjoy the furniture more than the art. They completely ignored the prominently posted Do Not Chew sign.

Do The Toosie Slide

Drake, the Canadian Rapper, posted a video that went viral, when he danced The Tootsie Slide through his 50,000 square foot home outside of Toronto.

What caught our attention was what showed up at the :45 second mark: the Andy Warhol screenprint of Chairman Mao on the wall of Drake’s home, just like one that we have, for sale, on our wall at VFA.

Learn to Screenprint

You probably don’t have photo emulsion at home, but you can still learn the screenprint process by watching the How to Print Like Warhol  video from the Tate Modern.

Artists like Andy Warhol and Alex Katz make screen printing look simple. Knowing the amount of thought and work that goes into a deceptively simple appearing work like Katz’s After Degas or Coca Cola Girl 3, which is a 20-color screenprint, lends a new level of appreciation to the work.

Draw a Picture

Paul Klee wrote, “A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.”

If you’ve got a pencil and paper, there are some great drawing tutorials on line, like the videos done by middle school teacher, Jessica Hopper, who uses ketchup, coffee and other household items in the ‘Quarantine Edition’ of her YouTube art tutorials.

A screenshot from one of Jessica Hopper’s recent “Art Club: Quarantine Edition” videos

Drawing is not as simple for all of us as it was for Paul Klee (or as it is for Julian Opie), but it may be worth a try.

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