The Works of Eddie Martinez, Ugo Rondinone and Derrick Adams

Eddie Martinez 1977 –

Brooklyn-based artist Eddie Martinez and his wife, sculptor Sam Moyer are showing their works in the garden of the Landcraft Garden Foundation. The exhibition was curated by Ugo Rondinone, who is a member of the Landcraft Garden Foundation Art Advisory Board.

Martinez’s work has been doing exceptionally well in the art market in the last few years. His auction record was set in November 2019 when the large canvas High Flying Bird, 2014 sold for $2.02 million.

His paintings and drawings, like his sculptures, are both figurative and abstract. They combine objects that he finds on the streets around his Brooklyn studio. The sculptures are finished with oil, enamel, and spray paint. While nonrepresentational, they suggest human and animal forms that parallel those found in his paintings.

The Landcraft Garden Foundation is located in Mattituck, New York, on Long Island’s East End, in the heart of the North Fork’s wine region.

Sculpture in the Garden 2022: Sam Moyer and Eddie Martinez showcases 14 sculptures by the couple, with 11 by Martinez and three by Moyer. The exhibit is currently on display and will run through October 29, 2022.

Ugo Rondinone 1964 –

Best known for his sun paintings and silkscreens, Ugo Rondinone has also created large, impressive sculptures.

Seven Magic Mountains, one of Rondinone’s most admired sculptures, is undergoing routine restoration.

The sculpture is located ten miles south of Las Vegas, surrounded by mountain ranges. It’s comprised of seven towers of colorful, stacked boulders standing more than thirty feet high.

It was originally installed in 2016, and was meant to be on display for only two years, but has been so well received, that its exhibition time keeps getting extended.  It received a painting restoration in 2019. About 1,000 sightseers a day visit the amazing sculpture. Seven Magic Mountains will continue to be open to the public through 2026, according to the Nevada Museum of Art.

Derrick Adams 1970 –

Derrick Adams has spent much of his career focused on the importance of relaxation and leisure in the Black community. Tiffany & Co. has chosen Adams to be their first collaborator for Atrium, a program the company hopes will inspire social change.

Adams created a collage for the project titled I Shine, You Shine, We Shine.The work incorporates the iconic Tiffany blue. The collage will be auctioned off on the digital art platform Artsy. All profits from the sale will go towards Adams’ new artist residency The Last Resort Artist Retreat, set to open in his home town of Baltimore next March. The Retreat will be an invitation-only venue, where artists can choose to work or just relax.

Please contact us if you would like more information about the works of Eddie Martinez, Ugo Rondinone, Derrick Adams or any of the fine art work available at VFA.

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Julian Opie’s ‘People’ in SoHo, Ugo Rondinone Curates in Long Island, Javier Calleja Collaborates

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Julian Opie

The lobby of a new office building, in New York’s SoHo district, has installed an artwork by Julian Opie to amplify the minimal design of its architecture. People 13, 2014, is an 11-inch by 144-inch LED, wall mounted work, of digitalized people walking.

The building’s offices, at 2 Crosby Street, are leased by such notable tenants as  French fashion designer Rick Owens and jewelry  designer Maria Tash.

Opie’s exhibit at this year’s Venice Biennale is a bit unusual. The Venice government would not allow the use of LED screen technology, so four of Opie’s aluminium sculptures are on show outside of the St. Regis, the newest luxury hotel in Venice.

Julian Opie’s work is also currently on exhibit at venues in Lausanne, Rome, and Shanghai. His work, in a variety of medium, are available at VFA.

Ugo Rondinone, Eddie Martinez and Sam Moyer

Swiss-born artist, Ugo Rondinone, currently has work on exhibit at the Venice Biennalle, and has also curated an exhibit at the Landcraft Garden in North Fork, Long Island.

The exhibit at the Landcraft Garden includes his own sculptures and those of Eddie Martinez and Sam Moyer, Martinez’s wife.

Martinez is is best known for his abstract figurative and still life paintings. He began creating sculptures in 2013, using found objects that he collects on the beaches around North Fork and on the streets around his Brooklyn studio.

The works of all three artists are very different in form, style and materials. Martinez’s work is  abstract and appears almost unrestrained. Rondinone’s has a more classical feel and Moyer’s work has an architectural quality.

The exhibit at Landcraft Garden will be on view from June 4 to October 29, 2022.

Javier Calleja

Spanish artist Javier Calleja said he was heavily influenced by the comics, cartoons and toys that he read and played with while growing up in Malaga in the 1970s and 1980s.

His stylized large-headed and large-eyed characters have made him an international sensation, with solo museum and gallery  exhibits in Hong Kong, Greece, Germany, Tokyo, Spain, Rome and London.

Calleja’s work has been garnering prices above estimate. At a Phillips 2020 auction, his 2019 painting, No More Stories, sold for HK$4 million (about $509561 USD), well over the 300-500k estimate.

He has collaborated with clothing companies, most recently with VANS, with his artwork on sneakers, tees and even planters.

Calleja’s work is currently on exhibit at Art Basel, Hong Kong, with upcoming shows in Paris, Athens, Tokyo, Shanghai and Dusseldorf.

Please contact us if you would like more information about the works of Julian Opie, Ugo Rondinone, Eddie Martinez, Javier Calleja or any of the other fine art work available at VFA.

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Works by Ugo Rondinone, KAWS and Keith Haring at VFA

Ugo Rondinone – 1964

New York-based Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone is best known for his enormous sculptures and his brightly colored concentric circle paintings and prints.

Rondinone has partnered with the Belvedere Museum of Contemporary Art in Vienna, to present works, done by children, to paint pictures of rainbows. The artist, and the museum’s art education team, invited children in elementary schools throughout Austria, between the ages of 6 through 12, to join in the uplifting project.

More than 1,000 drawings, covering more than 200 feet,  are being displayed in the Belvedere Palace Garden.

Ugo Rondinone: your age and my age and the age of the rainbow will be on display through November 2021.

Sculptures by Rondinone are currently on display with works by American artist Pat Steir at the Galerie Eva Presenhuber in Zurich. The contrast between the solidity of Rondinone’s pebble-studded concrete sculptures and the softness of Steir’s rain-like paintings makes for a wonderful exhibit.

A selection of Ugo Rondinone’s limited edition silkscreens on 4-ply board are available at VFA.

KAWS 1974 –

The year isn’t over yet, and already Brian Donnelly, the artist known as KAWS, has collaborated with Nike and Sacai, Supreme, Human Made, and Porter. He’s also worked with Comme des Garçons on a fragrance, whose bottle will probably  be more sought after than the fragrance itself.

KAWS is a superstar in Japan and his Tokyo exhibit has just ended, as has his successful retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum, one of the first major museums to purchase his work for its permanent collection.

Sticking closer to home, KAWS is collaborating with General Mills to create a ‘Companion’ design for a Reese’s Puffs cereal box. The company had rapper Travis Scott put a signature design on Puffs box. They sold out in less than 30 seconds after release and are being resold for more than $200.

Keith Haring 1958-1990

In 1983, Keith Haring was commissioned by Italian designer Elio Fiorucci to create a large mural for the designer’s gallery in Milan.

Haring asked Angel Ortiz, a young graffiti artist known as LA ll, to collaborate with him on the project. The results were a large mural that Fiorucci took down in 1984 and stored until its restoration in 1991.

The mural has been placed in midtown Manhattan’s New York City Center, and will remain there through 2022.

Please contact us if you would like more information about the works of Ugo Rondinone, KAWS and Keith Haring available at VFA.

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David Hockney and Ugo Rondinone: Recent Acquisitions at VFA

David Hockney 1937 – present

In 2006, David Hockney published a book called Secret Knowledge: Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters. The book examines the optical tools that the Old Masters, like Caravaggio and da Vinci, used to create their hyperrealistic works.

Hockney has always been interested in, not just the oldest technology, but the latest technology. He has been using his iPad for years with superb results.

In 1984, Hockney was on his way to an exhibition of his work at the Museo Rufio Tamayo in Mexico City. His car broke down, and he was forced to make an impromptu stay at the Hotel Romano Angeles in Acatlan. While he waited for his car to be repaired, Hockney was inspired to photograph and draw the hotel’s courtyard, exploring space and perspective. When he returned to L.A., he worked with master printmaker, Kenneth Tyler, to create lithographs using lavish ink sketches on Mylar sheets. The results were a series of lithographs called The Moving Focus Series.

One of our recent acquisitions, Hotel Acatlan: Two Weeks Later, is one of lithographs in the series; a wonderful example of the colors and perspective that makes Hockney’s works so distinctive.

Another of Hockney’s works from the same time period, Self-Portrait on the Terrace, is expected to sell for between $8 million and $12 million at Sotheby’s New York contemporary art auction next month.

Also available at VFA are My Shirt and Trousers, one of Hockney’s finest iPad drawings, done in 2010, and other fine works by David Hockney in a variety of media.

David Hockney’s works are currently on exhibit at The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, where they have been placed alongside those of Vincent van Gogh’s, in an exploration of the similarity of both artists view of the world around them. Hockney–Van Gogh: The Joy of Nature will be on exhibit through June 20, 2021.

Ugo Rondinone 1964 – present

Ugo Rondinone, 2016

Ugo Rondinone is best known for his large public installations, that combine natural elements and bold colors.

The Swiss-American artist works in his Harlem studio and vacations at his home in Matera, Italy.

He currently has exhibitions at the Sorlandets Kunst Museum in Kristiansand, Norway and the Association Kunsthalle Marcel Duchamp in Cully, Switzerland. Last year he had an exhibit of ten-foot high massive bronze cast sculptures at the Galerie Eva Presenhuber in Zurich.

Rondinone continues to create beautifully done, limited edition silkscreens of concentric circles in stunning color blends.

Please contact us if you would like more information about the works of David Hockney, Ugo Rondinone or any of the other fine work available at VFA.

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Summer at VFA: Featured Artists

We’re getting ready to travel up to the Market Art + Design Show at the Bridgehampton Museum in upstate New York and wanted to give you a little preview of a few of the artists whose work we’ll be featuring at the show and in the VFA Gallery.

Mel Bochner: Top Dog

In a world where there’s so much information coming at us, Mel Bochner uses language and humor to engage viewers. A master printmaker, Bochner brings texture and rich color to each of his prints.

“As an artist I like to delve into those things, like using etching, as it’s never been used before.” Bochner said in interview with Tulsa Public Radio. He says that some of his silkscreens “have a hundred different colors to make it look like one color. Even if the viewer can’t know that there are a hundred screens in that, there’s a quality to that blue that you can’t get anywhere else. There’s a uniqueness. I think anyone who really gets engaged in this thing called printmaking wants to explore all those possibilities.”

The texture in Bochner’s monoprint, Top Dog, available at VFA, comes from his use of specially handmade paper, engraving, collage and embossing.

Deborah Kass: OY YO 

In 2015, Deborah Kass’ 18 feet tall by 17 feet long aluminum OY YO sculpture was placed on the waterfront in New York’s Brooklyn Bridge Park. It read OY if you were viewing it from Brooklyn and YO if you were seeing it from Manhattan. OY YO became an instant icon after it appeared on the front page of the New York Times, and became a tourist destination, and a background for wedding photos, graduation and class photos and many, many selfies.

Much of Kass’ work is about power in art and society and she often reworks the art of 20th century  iconic male artists. Kass first created OY as a painting, after Ed Ruscha’s OOF panting and then did YO as a nod to Yo Picasso, the self-portrait Picasso did in 1901.

OY YO is currently installed in front of the Brooklyn Museum. A smaller, more manageable version of OY YO is available at VFA.

Ugo Rondinone: Untitled

Ugo Rondinone likes to work large. He creates temporary, monumental sculptures that resemble totems. Rather than fitting in with their surroundings, Rondinone’s works clash with their surroundings, like Human Nature, on display in Rockefeller Center in 2013.

Rondinone lives and works in New York. He was born in Switzerland, of Italian parents, in 1964. Like his sculptures, Rondinone’s paintings and prints are large, with brightly colored concentric circles or black and white gnarled trees.

Untitled silkscreen, available at VFA, is a large five-foot square silkscreen, that uses the wild and wonderful trademark Rondinone colors.

Alex Katz: Coca-Cola Girl

It’s been wonderful to watch Alex Katz age gracefully – both physically and artistically. He’s going to turn 92 in a few weeks and his work is as sleek and elegant as ever.

His recent Homage to Degas series of paintings and sculptures, and his simple landscapes are masterful works that showcase Katz’s refinement of his signature style. Coca-Cola Girl, available at VFA is another example of Katz’s ability to fine-tune his art.

KAWS: Ankle Bracelet

KAWS giant Companion sculpture will be relaxing at the Fujinomiya’s Fumotoppara Camping Ground this summer, giving campers a spectacular view of both the sculpture and Mount Fuji.

Kaws: Holiday at Mt Fuji will be on exhibit for just a week from July 18 to 24. Companion has already been to Seoul, Taipei and Hong Kong. If you can’t make it to Mt. Fuji,  you can view Companion, and other work by KAWS in our gallery.

Please give us a call if you would like more information about the works at VFA. Or make Vertu Fine Art part of your summer itinerary and stop by for a visit.



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