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Marc Quinn’s Latest Self

The National Gallery of Australia’s current exhibit, HyperReal takes a look at the history of hyperrealism in art that began in the 1960s and has evolved into the twenty-first century.

A highlight of the exhibit is Marc Quinn’s most recent sculpture Self, a self-portrait that documents the changes of Quinn’s face as he ages.

Quinn has made a Self  sculpture every five years since 1991. He spends five months collecting more than ten pints of his own blood, pouring into a mold of his head and freezing it in a specially built case filled with silicone.

Marc Quinn, born in London, the son of a potter and a physicist (who, Quinn says, actually worked on experiments that involved freezing), studied art history at Cambridge and became fascinated with Rembrandt, who created nearly one hundred self-portraits.

Quinn’s five existing Self portraits, by the artist and of  the artist, are on display in venues around the world. The 2006 version of Self  is part of the collection of the National Gallery of London.

“It’s like artwork on life support,” he says, “and I’m still alive, so it’s about the miraculous power the human body has to reproduce itself.”

The HyperReal exhibit at Australia’s National gallery runs through February 18, 2018.

Stealth Kate

When Marc Quinn observed people in the British Museum admiring fragmented ancient statues, he wondered how the same viewers would react if actual people, with the same missing parts, were to walk into the gallery. Most of the art lovers reactions, he thought, would not be the same. “It was interesting to me,” Quinn said, “to see what is acceptable in art, but unacceptable in life.”

This led Quinn to create a series of marble sculptures, using models who were missing limbs.  “As I made the series of works,” he said, “I realised that they were also about what a beautiful body is, and how narrow our vision of that is, and about the connection between inside and outside.”

Quinn continued to explore the perception of body image and perception. Since 2006 he has made studies of English supermodel, Kate Moss.

“Human beings often create images, begin to worship them and then forget the images were initially invented by them.” he said, “They are left with an abstract image that is impossible to measure up to. This is the basis of all celebrity and religious imagery.”

What Quinn says of his depiction of Moss is, “This is not a portrait of a person, it’s a portrait of an image twisted by our collective desires.”

The Blue Planet

Just like fingerprints, the iris is one of the body’s most individual parts, another way that Quinn has used the body’s unique biological features to create rare and unique portraits.

Quinn created the series from photographs he took with a special close-up lens.

Marc Quinn’s Works for Sale at VFA

Please contact us if you would like more information about Stealth Kate, Blue Planet or any of the other fine art work for sale at VFA.

See More Marc Quinn Artwork for Sale

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Six Newly Acquired Contemporary Works Available At Vertu Fine Art

One of the more gratifying aspects of owning an Art Gallery in Boca Raton, Florida is to see the reaction of our guests as they peruse the space and take in the striking Pop, Optical and Abstract Expressionist works.  At Vertu, there’s fresh energy that comes from each new acquisition from our favorite artists.  Here is a glimpse of six works of art for sale that we’re quite certain you’ll enjoy.

Late Summer Flowers is a beautiful silkscreen from one of the great living American masters of our time, Alex Katz.  Katz, who’s now 86 years old, continues to impress critics and collectors with grand paintings and silkscreen limited edition works created at his New York studio. Late Summer Flowers is an “instant classic” from Katz. It contains many of elements for which the artist is most admired. Like Katz himself, this work emanates a genuine cool confidence.  This piece captures a moment in time through the eyes of an American icon, combining the artist’s unique subtle affect with rich a colorful palette and style that channels the influence of Henri Matisse.

New from British artist Damien Hirst is a striking lenticular print representation of For The Love Of God, a sculpture cast from a human skull, resulting in a platinum likeness covered with 8,601 diamonds of outstanding quality, totaling more than 1,100 carats. To view this work at VFA is to witness this striking piece in all of its three-dimensional glory, bearing incredible likeness to the controversial sculpture itself. Hirst, who is regarded as a founder of the 1990s YBA (Young British Artist) movement, has spent much of his career forcing Contemporary Art lovers to come “face to face” with their own mortality. For Hirst collectors who appreciate the artist’s pushing of boundaries, this is a fantastic addition.

Two stunning new works for sale at VFA’s Boca Raton art gallery are creations of Marc Quinn, another British artist who, like Hirst, rose to fame as a member of the YBA movement in the 1990s. Quinn’s work throughout the years have in many ways paralleled the works of Damien Hirst, in terms of hard-hitting tactics employed to force the viewer to consider the heaviest aspects of the human condition. With Stealth Kate, the latest Marc Quinn print available for sale, the subject, Kate Moss is considerably less heavy.  This sexy piece is a print representation of the artist’s Kate Moss sculpture, silkscreen printed with diamond dust applied, giving the piece an otherworldly aura.  This screenprint is a limited edition of 75 and appears destined to become a longstanding favorite of Quinn collectors.

Another new Marc Quinn work that’s gaining quite a bit of favorable attention at VFA is Blue Planet, an impressive large-scale silkscreen print. Blue Planet is part of a series from Quinn based upon photographs of various human irises, each taken with a powerful lens. This iris print indeed bears resemblance to the planet, dominated by fascinating tones of blue, speckled with yellow, green, orange and red objects that easily resemble land masses.

One of the things we love about Contemporary Art is how quickly we can change gears, moving from Quinn’s realism to an astounding new Pop Art acquisition from one of America’s living Pop Art legends, Claes Oldenburg. The artist, who has received much acclaim over the years for his public installations, many of which feature oversized versions of ordinary objects − made extraordinary by their unanticipated appearance in assorted public spaces. Hard Times Bulb – Night is a unique Oldenburg lithograph that demonstrates the minimalist style of an artist who managed to tap into the American psyche and secure his place in Pop Art history.

Our latest acquisition from Frank Stella, entitled Stubb & Flask Kill A Right Whale-Dome, is an exciting work now available at our VFA Boca Raton gallery. The depth of this piece is sure to pull the viewer in and take the imagination for a joyful ride.  Frank Stella’s layers of geometric patterns within this work are nothing short of mind-boggling.  Movement is this piece begins and stops, and begins again. A strong majestic piece for a Stella collector, and indeed, anyone who appreciates such genius use of light, color and composition.

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