New Artwork for Sale at VFA

New Artwork for Sale at VFA

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Just as autumn ushers in a delightful change of weather in South Florida, so too do we embrace the changes brought by provocative new artwork for sale at our Boca Raton art gallery. Here’s a look at some of the artists and pieces that have visitors buzzing as of late.

When it comes to Optical Art masters, Colombian-born painter Omar Rayo is one of the movement’s pioneers, heralded for his heady geometric multi-dimensional works. Raiz Katia, an acrylic on canvas currently on display, captures the essence of what made Rayo one of the most highly acclaimed Latin Contemporary artists.

Omar Rayo, who suffered a fatal heart attack in 2010, is memorialized in part by the Museum of Rayo de Dibujo y Grabado Latinamericano − founded by the artist in 1981, in Colombia. The museum features over 2,000 Rayo works, as well as hundreds by other Latin artists. Omar Rayo remains an inspiration to many thriving Latin American artists and others, and his works are featured in galleries and museums worldwide.

Another Optical Art master drawing attention at Vertu Fine Art is Richard Anuszkiewicz – best known for his calculated color manipulations that result in marvelous capture and release of illumination. In Orange Family, an acrylic on panel, the artist produced a captivating chromatic exploration that truly must be viewed in person to fully comprehend its illusory effects, which we periodically describe as, “basking in the warm glow.”

Anuszkiewicz, who trained under Bauhaus artist Joseph Albers, helped to launch the American Op Art movement at a time when Victor Vasarely was pioneering the movement in Europe.

Born in Newark, NJ in the mid 1940s, Barbara Kruger is a modern Pop Artist who efficiently worked her way through high level design positions with famous women’s publications, such as Mademoiselle Magazine and House and Garden, prior to developing her own iconic brand. Like Warhol, Lichtenstein and Johns, her commercial design background served to immerse her in the powerful American cultural themes of consumerism and pop iconography.

Kruger is internationally recognized for her particular brand of Pop, with bold text simply stated that commands viewer attention, demands pause for a moment of introspection. Her most highly sought prints consist of the artist’s trademark colors – black, white and red. Culture Vulture, now hanging in our Boca Raton gallery, is emblematic of the artist’s style. Like another popular Kruger statement, “Your body is a battleground,” Culture Vulture causes us to stop to and inquire, simply, “Who?” Only to be flooded with potential answers, while we contemplate.

Also new at VFA, four works in a series from electrifying American artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel. The artist known for his large scale broken ceramic “plate paintings” and perhaps equally so for directing such highly acclaimed films as Before Night Falls, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, and Basquiat (about painter Jean-Michel Basquiat). Schnabel rose to fame in the 1980s and is considered a central figure of the Neo-expressionism movement. Living and working in NYC and Montauk, Long Island, the artist is never far from the media spotlight, often garnering attention for his artistic endeavors, brash statements and celebrity status.

Julian Schnabel’s View of Dawn from the Tropics series of hand painted color screenprints with poured resin embody many of the features for which the artist is best known – large scale abstract works employing multiple techniques applied in various layers, with bold lines and intriguing colors.

Charles Hinman, one of the great living American Contemporary Art masters, is another featured artist at VFA. In the 1960s, Hinman began working outside the conventions of a singular rectangular canvass, creating unique three dimensional works consisting of various uniquely shaped canvases united.

The artist’s Sprinter, currently displayed at our Boca Raton gallery, is a must see. True to Charles Hinman’s intention, his sculptured canvases are visually malleable to their surroundings, heavily manipulated by angles of light that strike the exposed surface. In this regard, Hinman’s works provide rather exciting opportunities for collectors to re-imagine the impact of a singular work, based upon its placement and infinite options with regard to the application of natural and artificial light to emphasize different aspects.

If you’re planning to visit us at Vertu Fine Art, feel free to to set an appointment or simply stop by during gallery hours. If you are seeking works from a specific artwork for sale or genre, or have inquiries of any nature, we are always happy to assist.

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