How fulfilling it must be for Contemporary Artist Donald Sultan to visit the Budapest hotel he helped design, seeing guests immerse themselves in his heady works. Dominos, buttons, butterflies and large scale floral abstractions run thematically throughout the living quarters, restaurants, lounges and meeting rooms. The hotel, which structurally blends historic and modern elements, emits an energy that is warm and unassuming, yet exciting – due in large part to the hand of Donald Sultan visible at every turn. The hotel is located in the heart of the city, on the banks of the Danube River, across from the statuesque Hungarian Parliament Building.

Throughout the hotel, more than 600 original works by the artist greet guests in the form of paintings, drawings, statues, china patterns, playing cards, menus and in other assorted accessories.

Screenprints of Sultan’s Black Roses are among the recurring works found in various corridors and in guest rooms throughout the hotel. This work provides delightful counterbalance to the artist’s delicate floral works and the playful dominos, dice and playing card creations. This work pays tribute to roots of Donald Sultan – his use of North Carolina tar that lends so many pieces a signature style – organic, gritty and undeniably real.

Another tar black background work that sets grounded earthy tone is Lavender and Black Eggs, an original painting that resides in the hotel’s Domino Bar. This work exemplifies the unique style of composition that has earned Donald Sultan such high acclaim.

The artist’s black tar foundation lays fertile soil this creation, enabling the elegant colors comprising the sprigs of lavender to leap from the canvas. The viewer is treated to an enjoyable cerebral contrast of light and dark interplay, suggesting dualities of life and death, beauty and the morose.

Donald Sultan’s smokerings – a set of works belonging to a well-known series from the artist – are also represented in this remarkable hotel’s public spaces. Sultan’s smoke rises from a familiar black tarlike canvas and presents the viewer with rings of smoke floating skyward, morphing into various shapes prior to the vapor’s demise.

In the pictured work, cigarette –formed smoke rings seem to give way to the output of an industrial smokestack – lending the work an “urban” feel that is ominous and sultry.

The “domino effect” is perhaps Sultan’s most pervasive design theme running through this unique Budapest hotel. In addition to original works from his domino series, the hotel replicates domino feature references in fine and oversized details throughout the building’s collection of spaces. Another prevalent theme of works, buttons, nicely complement the domino works and carry forward circular contrasts that are present in the artist’s floral and smokering works as well.

The stunning effect is a highly coordinated continuum of motifs that leave guests feeling as if another piece of the puzzle is about to be revealed around every corner, and contained within every fine detail.

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