Andy Warhol loved Christmas. He began creating Christmas cards for Tiffany’s in 1956 and continued to make holiday art throughout his lifetime. A devout Catholic, Warhol did charity work with the homeless at the Church of Heavenly Rest in New York. He served food and cleaned up at communal meals, not just at Christmas, but throughout the years.

So, when it comes to the holidays we, at VFA, think about his work, and the work of other artists whose work is joyful and uplifting…

…something for everyone on your holiday list.

Andy Warhol – Shoes with Diamond Dust

When Andy Warhol moved to New York in 1949, he began a career as a commercial artist and illustrator. His first commission was to draw shoes for Glamour magazine and then as a designer for shoe manufacturer Israel Miller.

His shoe drawings were spectacular and, in typical Warhol style, he drew them again and again.

Shoes – Deluxe Edition, available at VFA, is ethereal and certainly sparkling.

Bobby Grossman-Andy Warhol Kafka and Cornflakes

Bobby Grossman
William Burroughs w/ Warhol Kafka, The Factory,1980
Silver Gelatin Print
16 X 20 inches
Edition of 25
For sale at VFA

Something esoteric for someone special, the photographs of Bobby Grossman are a glimpse into the art and music scene of the ’70s. Grossman became a trusted insider in many of the happening venues in New York, including Andy Warhol’s Factory. His photos appeared in Rolling Stone, Interview, Artforum, The New York Times, Soho Weekly News, The Village Voice, Vogue and on MTV.

Yoshimoto Nara – Doggy Radio

Yoshimoto Nara is considered a superhero in Japan and has devotees around the world. Although he received his doctorate in Germany, Nara’s childhood home was near a U.S. Army base in northern Japan, and he became intrigued with punk rock and American cartoons.

Yoshitomo Nara
Doggy Radio, 2011
Polymer Plastic Sculpture/Radio-Touch Sensitive Volume, Nose Tuner Dial
Bluetooth/USB, Yamaha Lab Speaker System
13H X 17W X 8.5D inches
Edition of 3000
For sale at VFA

His works often appear innocent, even naive, but a closer look reveals so much more.

Richard Anuszkiewicz – Christmas Cards

Richard Anuszkiewicz was commissioned to create a Christmas Card for the Museum of Modern Art in 1965.

Richard Anuszkiewicz
Annual Edition
Christmas Star for the Museum of Modern Art, 1965
7h X 7w inches
Pencil initialed lower right “R.A. ’65”
For sale at VFA

He continued to do them for decades, and gave them to family and friends. An Op-artist who is intrigued with light and color, each Annual Edition design is unique, reflecting Anuszkiewicz’s artistic concerns.

Jonathan Seliger – Dior…and more

Jonathan Seliger is a neo-pop artist, with a cult following. His sculptures are funny, ironic and often poignant.

Jonathan Seliger
Silver Lining, 2005
Acrylic, modeling paint and varnish on canvas and muslin
20h x 20.25w x 7.5d inches
For sale at VFA

Whatever your relationship is with the shopping bag, or with designers like Dior and Armani, Jonathan Seliger’s sculptures will make you think about bags and brands…and art.

Donald Sultan…more diamond dust

Donald Sultan’s use of industrial materials make him one of the most interesting contemporary artists working today.

Donald Sultan Blacks and Blues, 2011
12 Color Screenprint w/ Diamond Dust on Saunders Waterford
38 X 38 inches
Edition of 75
For sale at VFA

His use of tar, flocking, aluminum and diamond dust give his prints and sculptures a unique textural quality.

Diamond Dust and more that glitters at VFA

Please call or visit the gallery this holiday season. We have something for everyone…prints, sculptures and more…at VFA.