Space Invader has placed over 3,000 works in 72 cities around the world, including Miami. He “invaded” Miami in 2012 and placed his first piece on a wall of the Miami Children’s Museum. The museum staff posted the work on their Facebook page and asked if they should keep it. The response was a resounding, “Yes.”  And Space Invader, being Space Invader (he calls himself a UFA, meaning Unidentified Free Artist), went on to put more than two dozen of his signature pixilated mosaic pieces in random and surprising spots around Miami.

Irking the Bishop

South Florida residents enjoy spotting Space Invaders work in unexpected places, unlike the Bishop of Malaga, Spain, who asked the city council to have it removed.

The offending work is of a flamenco dancer, which Space Invader placed on the palace wall, just one of more than two dozen works that he placed around Malaga last month. A statement from the diocese said, “The bishop of Málaga is not questioning the work’s artistic quality, but he considers that the palace’s facade, which is classified as site of cultural interest and protected [by law], is not an appropriate place for it.”

The statement included some harsh words, which seem to belie the assertion of not questioning the quality of the work, “The diocese hopes that steps will soon be taken to address what could be considered visual pollution of the building.”

As of this writing, the Invasion, as Space Invader likes to call each work, is still on the palace wall…

The Provocateurs Show Postponed

In 2014, Space Invader created a poster for the Art Alliance/Provocateurs Show, which was held in Chicago, to coincide with Lollapalooza. The show was one of the largest and most successful ever assembled, with works by Shepard Fairey, Space Invader, RETNA and other street artists displayed both inside galleries and on the streets of Chicago.

The Provocateurs Show was scheduled to take place in Austin last year, but was been postponed and there is no word on when, or if, it will be rescheduled or if another Provocateurs Show, in another city, will be held.

Space Invader’s Provocateurs Show Poster for sale at VFA

Space Invader’s poster is a beautifully stylized, limited edition serigraph, made as a tribute for the first and, so far, only Provocateurs Show of its kind.

Please contact us for more information about Untitled from the Art Alliance/Provocateurs Show or any of the other fine art works for sale in the VFA gallery.

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