Protest Posters

Shepard Fairey has created We the People posters, with which he hopes to flood Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day. Since large signs are prohibited at the inauguration, Fairey plans to buy full-page ads in the Washington Post on January 20th, that feature the We the People images, which can be torn out of the paper and carried as placards or hung and posted around Washington.

Helping in Palm Beach

Shepard Fairey will be creating a mural for  the Perry J. Cohen Foundation, a nonprofit organization  to support the advancement of boating safety, marine and wildlife education and preservation, teenage entrepreneurship and the arts. The mural is planned for the Wetlands Laboratory at Jupiter Community High School.

“I was honored and happy to create art for the Perry J. Cohen Foundation,” Fairey said, “not just because I’m a parent, but also because boating has been a passion for our family for generations. I hoped to capture Perry’s likeness, but especially a bit of his spirit and love of the water.”

The foundation was established by Nick Korniloff and his wife, Pamela Cohen, when Cohen’s 14-year-old son, Perry, was lost at sea in 2015, while boating with a friend in the Jupiter inlet.

A Hit in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Contemporary Art Foundation (HOCA) invited Shepard Fairey to exhibit his work. The show, called Visual Disobedience, was highly appealing to the young residents of Hong Kong who, in 2014, protested the Chinese Communist Party’s pre-screening of the candidates for the leader of Hong Kong.

According to HOCA’s show’s organizers, Visual Disobedience, “explores the trajectory of Fairey’s career focusing on the theme of power and responsibility, contemplating the widespread abuse by positions of authority, and the response this exploitation solicits.”

Free From Detroit

Shepard Fairey dodged a bullet in Detroit last May, when a judge dismissed a felony case against him. The charges were brought against Fairey while he was in Detroit to paint a commissioned 18-story mural on the side of One Campus Martius, formerly known as the Compuware Building.

During his stay in Detroit, Fairey was accused of leaving some uncommissioned work around the city. The Detroit city attorney said that the city will file an appeal…so Fairey may have to go back to Detroit once again.

Shepard Fairey at VFA

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