In the past few weeks Shepard Fairey has brought awareness to Paris and controversy to Detroit.

For the COP21 World Climate Change Conference in Paris, Fairey created Earth Crisis, the first art installation ever placed in the Eiffel Tower. The work is covered in floral patterns and drawings that depict threats to the world’s ecology.

Fairey told Forbes magazine, “I hope that when people see the project they feel several things. I intentionally designed it to have a connection to things from nature that appeal like floral, decorative motifs, mandalas that suggest harmony but woven within that are several cautionary images. I hope my piece has many dimensions just like the world does.”

His trip to Paris included an exhibit at the Galerie Itinerrance, with Shepard Fairey prints for sale and works on display.

Now the controversy surrounding Shepard Fairey in Detroit:

Fairey completed a giant mural on the One Campus Martius building in downtown Detroit.

While Fairey was in Detroit, doing the commissioned mural, he told the Detroit Free Press, “I still do stuff on the street without permission. I’ll be doing stuff on the street when I’m in Detroit.”

Fairey did some stuff on the street without permission, and the city of Detroit estimates that cleanup and restoration of the sites, where he stuck up posters, will cost the city more than $24,000.

Fairey’s case will go to trial in January. According to the Detroit Free Press, “Fairey, 45, faces a count of malicious destruction of a building $20,000 or more, a 10-year felony, as well as two counts of malicious destruction of a railroad bridge, which are 4-year felonies.”

The Detroit Pistons staff sent an open letter to Fairey, with a possible solution to make all parties happy. They suggest he replace the Andre the Giant face on his commissioned mural with the face of the Piston’s center, Andre Drummond.

Hopefully, the outcome will be positive for both Fairey and the city of Detroit. The Shepard Fairey prints for sale at Vertu have the quality and fine artistry that defines his work. These serigraphs are limited editions, each with a deco feel and the messages that Fairey places in his art work.

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