My friend, photographer Bobby Grossman, with whom I collaborated on a Debbie Harry portrait, is having a show of his awesome photography from 1975-1983. The show is called LOW FIDELITY and opens tonight in Boca Raton FL. There will also be a book of the works in the show available. Check it out.-Shepard

When I wanted to make a painting of Debbie Harry, I thought of Bobby Grossman because he made my favorite photograph of her. Debbie is a stylish, photogenic woman who became very comfortable in front of a camera. The beauty of Bobby’s Debbie Harry “Pepsi” photo is that it captures the natural, casual-­‐cool, Debbie exuded when she wasn’t posing. The image is wholly engaging, gorgeous, and absolutely real. It seems to me that Bobby saw importance in his subjects, and captured them organically, before they perfected their poses. Bobby was personally immersed in the culture he documented, and photographed his subjects in their element, when they were not self-­‐conscious.

Bobby’s photos make me feel validated to like the music I like because he caught authentic moments in the lives of so many of my favorite artists.

Shepard Fairey