For nearly twenty years, VFA has specialized in bringing the works of Contemporary Artists into our gallery. Our profound interest in fine art prints has led to a broadening interest in the wide range of materials used by our favorite artists.

A crossword puzzle clue in a recent edition of the New Yorker got us thinking about artists’ works evolve and how our interests, at VFA, keep expanding.

Sol LeWitt – Cube Without a Corner and Cube Without a Cube

The clue in the New Yorker crossword puzzle,  known for his wall drawings, is a good one, but there is more to the body of work that LeWitt produced.

Sol LeWitt received his BFA from Syracuse University in 1949, then traveled to Europe to study the works of Old Masters. After moving to New York from his home in Hartford, Connecticut, he worked as a graphic designer in the office of architect I.M. Pei.

LeWitt believed that each work of art begins with an idea. “It is the process of conception and realization with which the artist is concerned.” he said.

This basic idea led to the Conceptual Art Movement in the early 1960s.

Working on a Concept, LeWitt would formalize his idea on paper and often hire assistants to carry out his “concept.”

Sol LeWitt
Cube Without a Corner and Cube Without a Cube, 2005
Shaped from solid slabs of syntactic Polyurethane and painted in lacquer
6h x 12w x 6d
inches (cube size), 7h x 18w x 12d inches (total w/base)
Edition of 6
For sale at VFA

Although, as the crossword clue suggests, LeWitt was know for his wall drawings, he also created sculptures for which he drew plans, like architectural drawings, that could be reproduced by following his design instructions.

Cube Without a Corner and Cube Without a Cube, for sale at VFA, is one of LeWitt’s most intricate, and finest sculptures.

Steven Gagnon – Composition in Pink

Miami Beach artist, Steven Gagnon, works in a wide variety of mediums, including painted toy soldiers and car video installations. Steven Gagnon was born in 1973, grew up in Fort Pierce and studied art at Pepperdine University. The focus of his work is American cultural issues, especially consumerism.

Steven Gagnon
Composition In Pink, 2015
Womens shoes sprayed in automotive paint on wood, in cut-out aluminum
48h X 56.5w X 6d inches
For sale at VFA

Gagnon’s fine art prints are masterful, works like Composition in Pink, available at VFA, are amazing for their juxtaposition of subject and unexpected use of industrial materials.

Donald Sultan – Cor-Ten Poppies

Donald Sultan began his career using industrial materials like tar and linoleum, that he picked up at work sites when doing construction on NewYork studios when he was a young, struggling artist. His fine art prints reflect the combined texture and softness of his original paintings.

Donald Sultan
Cor-Ten Poppies, 2015
Cor-Ten steel
36h x 36w inches
Edition of 12
For sale at VFA

A natural progression from his two-dimensional works is Sultan’s use of Cor-Ten Steel for his sculptures. Works like Cor-Ten Poppies, for sale at VFA, contrast the softness of his images with the hardness of the steel.

Alex Katz – Oona from Black Dress

The power of Alex Katz‘s paintings and prints have made him a global success for more than six decades. His stylized paintings and prints, his daring use of color, are instantly recognizable.

Alex Katz
Oona from Black Dress, 2017 Aluminum sculpture
25.88h inches
Edition of 35
For sale at VFA

Alex Katz has translated his minimal painting and print style to his sculptures, like Oona from the Black Dress series, available at VFA.

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