Roy Lichtenstein aficionados know that his work is not just all about the Ben-Day dots. The pieces we have, at Vertu, are a testament to Lichtenstein’s talent and versatility.

If you’re a South Floridian, you’ve probably seen the large Mermaid sculpture that has graced the Fillmore Theater in Miami Beach since 1979. Lichtenstein based the sculpture on his Mermaid lithograph, for sale in our gallery.

Lichtenstein’s Tel Aviv Museum print, is based on the giant, two-panel mural that he designed for the entrance of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The left panel pays homage to some of the artists in the Museum’s collection. Chagall’s fiddlers, Shlemmer’s figures and the forms of Picasso are intertwined. The right panel repeats the lines of the museum foyer’s walls and ramps.

Lichtenstein, who had an MFA and taught for many years at Ohio State, explored other styles and subjects, that are not as well known as his Ben-Day works. His interest in landscape led him to do series of sea and landscapes.

Later in his career, Lichtenstein, who had always been interested in Chinese landscape painting, did a series of paintings that explored the use of bold brush strokes.

Classics meet comics in Lichtenstein’s Study of Hands… as thoughtful, dynamic and carefully rendered as a Durer, but much more fun.

Modern Art Poster combines landscape, head and other relief elements, with the dots, that make this piece a consummate Lichtenstein.

In the late 1960s, Lichtenstein began creating mechanical-looking human heads and figures. He constructed the figure and face motifs in various metals and sizes. The Modern Head Relief in our gallery is a solid brass wall sculpture, in which Lichtenstein translated the fine lines and Ben-Day dots of his paintings and drawings into an added dimension.

Lichtenstein served on the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s (B.A.M.) Board of Trustees. He was commissioned to do a piece of art to commemorate B.A.M.’s 125th Anniversary. The result was the beautifully created woodcut and screenprint, Imperfect Print for B.A.M., for sale in our gallery.

Please come for a visit to see these, and other works by Lichtenstein and other great artists, at Vertu.