Robert Rauschenberg at MoMA

The MoMA exhibit Rauschenberg: Among Friends includes over 250 works by the artist, which reflect his collaborative spirit during his sixty year career as an artist. The show will run through September 17.

The exhibit includes prints, drawings, photographs, audio and video recordings and even a work made of bubbling mud. Rauschenberg saw all materials and medium as potential works of art.

He used the word combine to describe many of the pieces he created that were both painting and sculpture. Publican Station VI and Change from Seven Characters, for sale at VFA, exemplify Rauschenberg’s unique technique and sensibility.

His collaborations with artists Jasper Johns, Cy Twombly, Jean Tinguely and others are well known and their works are on display alongside Rauschenberg’s. What may not be as well known is the influence Andy Warhol had on Rauschenberg’s work. It was Warhol who, in 1962, showed Rauschenberg how to incorporate collage elements into silk screen images, a technique that resulted in many of Rauschenberg’s most iconic works, like The Stoned Moon Series, for sale at VFA.

Robert Rauschenberg and Dance

The MoMA exhibit contains photographs of Rauschenberg’s collaborations with dancers Merce Cunningham, Paul Taylor and Trish Brown. He not only designed and made costumes and sets, but also choreographed and danced.

For a 1963 performance called Pelican, Rauschenberg, not a great dancer, but an enthusiastic performer, taught himself to roller skate, and performed in Pelican on roller skates and a parachute.

Robert Rauschenberg in Film

In 1964, Robert Rauschenberg became the first American, and at age thirty-nine, the youngest artists to win the top prize at the Venice Biennale.

There was a lot of controversy and dispute over Rauschenberg’s triumph. There was talk of a CIA plot and a rigged jury. The Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano called Rauschenberg’s win, “the total and general defeat of culture.”

A documentary about Rauschenberg’s success in Venice, and the unexpected consequences that followed, is the subject of a documentary called Americans in Venice: Robert Rauschenberg Rewrites the Rules, scheduled to be released in March 2018.

The film combines archival footage with interviews conducted at this years Biennale. Producer and director Amei Wallach said, “The film puts in context a moment of optimism and international outreach that seems particularly pertinent at this moment as an illumination of what art makes possible and what soft power can do. The electrifying footage we shot in Venice this spring will bridge past and present to explore the meaning of art and globalism today.”

Robert Rauschenberg at VFA

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