My work is of an experimental nature and has centered on an investigation into the effects of complementary colors of full intensity when juxtaposed and the optical changes that occur as a result, and a study of the dynamic effect of the whole under changing conditions of light, and the effect of light on color.” —Richard Anuszkiewicz

For lovers of Optical Art, American Artist Richard Anuszkiewicz lives in rarified air, alongside Europeans Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely – all of whom are credited with fueling the genres skyrocketing popularity in the 1960s and 70s. As popular as Op Art may have been in its heyday, classic works by the masters continue to rise in value and once again, the movements popularity is on the rise. Like those Pop Art works by Warhol and Lichtenstein that that still make our hearts race on par with the first time we viewed them, the steady pulse of great optical works so too sustain unwavering energy and excitement.

Anuszkiewicz Primary Hue, 1964, is a “primary example” of the artist’s incredible ability to bend the mind’s eye. The Richard Anuszkiewicz effect is one of hypnosis, asking strong minded viewers to test their ability to break from its spell and work to decode just what’s been done to bestow such powers to a physically two-dimensional piece of art. Most impressive is the illusion of light radiating from “behind” the solid colored center square, working its way through time and space toward the viewer. Like watching a card trick, our logical brain tells us that there is no such thing as magic; yet this Anuszkiewicz work suggests otherwise. Unlike optical art that overwhelms, the true magic of this artist is just how pleasing his sense of complimentary colors can be, basking the viewer in a warm, comforting glow.

At VFA Fine Art Gallery in Boca Raton, our commitment to sourcing prime Optical Art rivals our passion for the finest Pop and Abstract Expressionist works. Among the recent Anuszkiewicz screenprints for sale is the artist’s Annual Edition print from 1990. Richard Anuszkiewicz’s Annual Edition prints are among the recurring thematic works most highly sought after by collectors. Such works were originally created for the artist’s family and friends, disseminated each holiday season. This unique print bears the names of the recipients, signed by the Anuszkiewicz. Like all works by this massively talented artist, this piece immediately captures our attention and holds it. There’s a calm feeling to the work that relaxes the viewer’s mind, as it vacillates between the optional shapes and interactions belonging to the subjects primary components.

Another Anuszkiewicz Annual Edition screenprint for sale at VFA is the artist’s 2004 work, which features the soft, mellow tones the artist has come to favor in the later part of his career. The simple, but powerful, illusory effects of this print leads the viewer to believe that the central square is an exaggerated distance away from the surface. Even viewing this work straight ahead, it’s easy to imagine that we’re looking down into a football stadium from above – as the angle of the dot formation associates the mind with a cylindrical ascension, moving from the center outward. Such is the genius of Richard Anuszkiewicz that the artist can employ six inches of squared paper and lead us into the depths of a full scale stadium view.

For over a half century, Richard Anuszkiewicz has been producing prolific creations − manipulating Contemporary Art enthusiasts with geometrical symmetry that takes us on a virtual ride with every gaze. From spinning diamonds to orbs and squares that envelope us (or reach out to meet us), the artist never fails to leave us scratching our heads in awe.

If you are an Anuszkiewicz collector, we invite you to visit our gallery located within The Shops at Boca Center. Here you’ll find Anuszkiewicz works that will seduce the mind and invite your imagination to wander. If you’re seeking a particular work belonging to this artist, or any Pop, Op or Abstract Expressionist works, we are pleased to offer our assistance. You can contact us online or call 561 368 4680.

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