Like many of our clients, at Vertu Fine Art our passion for excellence consumes us and rarely do we take a moment to observe our gallery from the 10,000 feet perspective.  When we do, it looks like this:

No wonder we don’t do it more often, as it induces a bit of vertigo (not to be confused with Vertu-go). But, all kidding aside, recently our gallery director Bill Pugsley and owner Gary Santoro were interviewed by local media and asked about the uniqueness of VFA.

In essence, here is a bit of paraphrasing about what some of what the gallery does best.

Pop, Op and Abstract Expressionism

Our focus is on the Contemporary Art that we find most intriguing – Pop Art, Optical Art and Abstract Expressionism. We feature some of the most famous works by the masters of each category, coupled with rare finds that are equally, and sometimes more, enticing to serious collectors. Pop Art collectors familiar with our gallery may think of our gallery to a Pop shop – featuring so many classic works from the likes of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Indiana, Keith Haring and Tom Wesselmann. Similarly, Op Art collectors know VFA for featuring the works of legendary masters such as Victor Vasarely and Richard Anuszkiewicz. Certainly other collectors know that VFA features a truly fine variety of Abstract Expressionist works from the likes of Willem de Kooning, Robert Motherwell, Sam Francis and Helen Frankenthaler. Like many of the artist’s we collect, we find it hard to pigeonhole our gallery. While we are founded on a Pop, Op and Abstract Expressionist foundation, our interests include an array of emerging Contemporary Artists, many who crossover a number of movements and others whose works simply defy any such categories.

Empathetic Match Makers

Our sincere belief is that we excel at what we do because we love every piece that comes through our doors. We speak of our collection as though we’re proud parents of each work, intimately familiar with the qualities that make them endearing and attached to the point of near indulgence. Yet, we want what’s best for each piece, to find its rightful place in this world. From the other angle, there are our clients, who we learn more about with each passing month. Our goals are always to facilitate each client’s ability to obtain the works that best suit his or her current needs, taking into consideration the overarching ambitions related to each collection. We understand that it’s quite possible to fall in love with a work as seen in the gallery and imagine it on wall in dwelling − only to see it differently in the actuality of the light that dances in that space. In such cases, we encourage clients to make an exchange and try once more, as the outcome must nothing less than satisfying.

Realism, Hyperrealism and Photorealism

At VFA, we strive to always keep our fingers on the pulse of what new and what’s different. We take great pleasure in introducing clients and gallery visitors to works that surprise and delight. Marilyn Minter’s provocative images, Chuck Close’s photo mosaic portraits and Carole Feuerman’s lifelike figures are just some of the astounding unique works you’ll see at VFA. In similar fashion, we’ve introduced collectors to the incredible hyperrealism of Ann Halldin-Maule, who’s painstaking works offer insightful social commentary.

Different in a Good Way

Vertu Fine Art is a gallery that’s prideful about our uniqueness. We work hard to demystify the Contemporary Art collecting experience and to educate our clients. Likewise, we never fail to stop learning − from clients, visiting experts and industry professionals. Our desire is for VFA to be a welcoming space, a place to decompress and enjoy the invigorating qualities of fine art. Our gallery director and owner are accessible and attentive to the needs of clients and gallery visitors. We sincerely hope that if you’re in the area, you’ll drop and see what’s new. Always feel free to contact us with any questions or needs. We appreciate your interest in sharing this experience with us!