Supernatural Art at VFA

The Art Gallery of New South Wales recently commissioned Takashi Murakami to create a work for its permanent collection. The work is made up of 502 individual silkscreens and was purchased by the gallery for an undisclosed seven-figure amount and is the centerpiece of the gallery’s current exhibit, “Japan Supernatural”.

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The Works of Yue Minjun and Ivan Navarro at VFA

Art is both an escape from politics and a reflection of politics. Artists like Yue Minjun and Ivan Navarro grew up in countries whose governments carefully monitored the behavior of their citizens, which had a profound effect on their world view. Both of these great artists have overcome obstacles, have gained global recognition and success, although their lives and their artistic expressions are very different. Yue Minjun Yue Minjun is a celebrity in China, and has been an international celebrity […]

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Christo in Paris, Alex Katz in Madrid

In 1983, Christo wrapped eleven islands in Biscayne Bay with more than 6 million square feel of pink floating fabric. Surrounded Islands was one of the most controversial projects that the city had ever seen, with the artist having to go to Federal court to get permission to execute his plans.

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Fine Art Prints and Sculptures at VFA

For nearly twenty years, VFA has specialized in bringing the works of Contemporary Artists into our gallery. Our profound interest in fine art prints has led to a broadening interest in the wide range of materials used by our favorite artists.

A crossword puzzle clue in a recent edition of the New Yorker got us thinking about artists’ works evolve and how our interests, at VFA, keep expanding.

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Featured Fine Art Prints at VFA

The variations of texture and tone of fine art prints are difficult to see when viewing them on line. The art of printmaking continues to evolve, making it one of the world’s most expressive art forms.

Artists like Donald Sultan and Shepard Fairey have become printmakers themselves and also work with master printers to create pieces that reflect their style and sensibility.

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Sprinkle Some Diamond Dust This Holiday Season

Andy Warhol loved Christmas. He began creating Christmas cards for Tiffany’s in 1956 and continued to make holiday art throughout his lifetime. A devout Catholic, Warhol did charity work with the homeless at the Church of Heavenly Rest in New York. He served food and cleaned up at communal meals, not just at Christmas, but throughout the years.

So, when it comes to the holidays we, at VFA, think about his work, and the work of other artists whose work is joyful and uplifting…

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David Hockney: Smoking in Normandy

At age 82, Hockney has decided to move to Normandy, France. In a recent Wall Street Journal interview, Hockney says that he wakes up early to watch the sun rise before working in his studio all morning. Then he has a four-course lunch at a nearby cafe that costs 13 euro…about $14…takes a nap and then gets back to work.

Hockney is getting ready for a show of his new work at the Pace Gallery in Manhattan this fall.

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KAWS’ Global Appeal

KAWS works garnered nearly $34 million at auction last year, according to Christie’s.  He is now represented by the upscale Skarstedt Gallery in New York, where his works are displayed alongside those of  Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon and other classical greats. Before Brian Donnelly became a success using his KAWS tag, he earned his BA in illustration at the School of Visual Arts, he worked as an animation background painter on Disney’s 101 Dalmatians and other films. KAWS use of familiar cartoon images, […]

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Keith Haring Artworks at VFA

In 1986, Keith Haring’s friend and studio assistant, Benny Soto, became addicted to crack. Haring tried to get help for Soto, but little help was available. The crack epidemic was at its height, and was especially devastating in New York City.

In typical Haring fashion, he spotted a handball court, in a small park, that was visible from the Harlem River Drive and used it to send a powerful message.

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Helen Frankenthaler: An AbEx Heroine

Helen Frankenthaler was just 23 years old in 1952 when she painted Mountains and Sea. It wasn’t well received when it was first exhibited and she had to take the 7 x 10 foot painting back to her studio. Today it hangs in the National Gallery of Art in Washington and is considered one of the most seminal works of American Art. Abstract expressionist painter Morris Louis, a contemporary of Frankenthaler, described the painting as, “a bridge between Pollock and […]

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Shepard Fairey: Celebrating 30 Years of Dissent

Shepard Fairey has been one of the world’s most admired, and outspoken, artists of the past thirty years. To celebrate his career, Fairey has been traveling to major cities around the world with a tour called Facing the Giant: 3 Decades of Dissent. The tour, which will travel through New York, Providence, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Paris, Grenoble, Seoul and London, will showcase many of his finest works. Fairey took the tour  to Providence last month to commemorate the start of his career […]

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Donald Sultan at the Asheville Art Museum Grand Reopening

The more one makes a definitive statement the more abstract it becomes. I try to pare down the images to their essence and capture the fleeting aspect of reality pitting the gesture against the geometric, the gesture being the fluidity of the human against the geometry of the object. – Donald Sultan Donald Sultan at the Asheville Art Museum Donald Sultan was born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina. His works are a part of the Asheville Art Museum’s permanent […]

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Featured Art at VFA

Here’s a look at some recent acquisitions and the work of a few of our favorite artists. Alex Katz-Coca-Cola Girl In the 1950s, when abstract painters were showing in all the galleries, Alex Katz was creating figurative paintings. “When I had an opening,” he said in a recent interview, “the Abstract Expressionist friends of mine wouldn’t go into the gallery. They just stopped in to say, “We’ll see you later at the bar.” Nearly seventy years have passed since the […]

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