The Clean Lines and Bold Colors of Jonas Wood and Alex Katz

The clean lines and bold colors in the paintings and prints of Jonas Wood have made his works some of the most sought after in the art world.

The LA-based artist’s work has been in high demand in the U.S., Europe and, especially, in Asia. He gets much of his inspiration from the environment he lives and works in, and from the pottery that his wife, artist Shio Kusaka, creates in the studio that they share.

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Ed Ruscha Does L.A., Michael Craig-Martin in London

In 1956, when he was eighteen, Ed Ruscha left his home in Oklahoma City and traveled to Los Angeles to study at the California Institute of the Arts. After graduating, he worked as a layout artist at an ad agency.

Ruscha has an extraordinary talent for casting ordinary objects and places in a new light and giving the viewer a new appreciation of their form.

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The Surreal and Pop at VFA

The works of Carlos Gonzalez are a cross between Andy Warhol’s attitude and Rene Magritte’s style. He is a fine portrait artist and surrealist painter whose focus is consumerism and culture. Gonzalez was born in Havana, Cuba in 1980. After graduating from the Academy of San Alejandro he studied at the University of the Arts in Havana from 2006 to 2009.

Gonzalez currently lives and works in South Florida, where he has become an active part of the arts community.

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Roy Lichtenstein, Austin Lee & Eddie Martinez

Roy Lichtenstein’s keen intellect and talent led him to become one of the most influential forces in the Postmodern era of art in America.

He was a university instructor with a Masters in Fine Arts, and took a lot of heat in the 1960s for combining fine and commercial art until the Pop culture was embraced.

Last July, one of his later works, Nude with Joyous Painting, done in 1994, sold at Christie’s auction for more than $46 million.

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Eddie Martinez in Hong Kong / Other Featured Artists

It’s hard to imagine going to an in-person art fair these days, but about 8,000 people showed up to view the works at the Asia of Art Basel art fair in Hong Kong at the end on November.

Among the highlights of the fair was a 26-foot long, untitled painting by Eddie Martinez that sold to a collector from Taiwan for $1 million.

Eddie Martinez was also one of the top selling artists at Phillip’s London auction on December 15th.

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Kenny Scharf Designs Fabrics for Dior and Dinner Plates for the Homeless Coalition

Last November, Katherine Bernhardt was honored last year for her artistic contributions to New York’s Coalition for the Homeless. This year the Coalition has worked with fifty fine artists, many whose works are available at VFA, to create limited edition plates, available online to support the Coalition. All of the funds raised by the sale of plates will go toward providing food, crisis services, housing and other critical aid to thousands of people experiencing homelessness and instability in New York.

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The Healing Art of Takashi Murakami and Others

So much of Takashi Murakami’s work is joyful and uplifting, that it’s easy to imagine why he would be asked to create a work to put a smile on the faces of children who need something to smile about. Murakami is the latest artist to be commissioned by RxArt, a nonprofit that works with contemporary artists to transform “sterile healthcare facilities into engaging and inspiring environments full of beauty, humor, and comfort.”

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VFA Featured Artists and Recent Acquisitions

Art Basel, opened online at the end of September, with just 100 exhibitors (there are usually about 300 at the in-person fair) and 600 works. All of the work was created this year.

Brooklyn-based artist, Katherine Bernhardt has six works on exhibit. “The paintings,” she said, “are about trying to relax at the beach but being overwhelmed with fears of COVID-19 and various other disasters of the summer.” Every one of Bernhardt’s works, based on her Pink Panther character, were sold early in the show. Pink Panther-inspired works by Bernhardt are available at VFA.

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A Mixtape for Andy Warhol

Nothing said I love you…or….I don’t love you anymore…like a mixtape in the 1970s and 1980s. A recently discovered mixtape, made by Lou Reed as a gift to Andy Warhol, reflects the complicated relationship between the musician and the artist.

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The Works of Alex Katz, Jonas Woods and Robert Motherwell at VFA

The New York Guggenheim is set to reopen in a few weeks, with many of the same requirements that MoMA, the Met and others have instituted, like reserved tickets and social distancing. Alex Katz In spite of being closed, the Guggenheim staff has been preparing for a retrospective of the works of Alex Katz in 2022. If you can’t wait that long, a monograph of Katz’s works will be released next month. The book was written by art critic Carter […]

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The Works of Takashi Murakami, Sam Francis and Yoshitomo Nara at VFA

Takashi Murakami Takashi Murakami knows how to have a good time and he knows how to share the cheer. He’s done album covers for Kanye West and Kid Cudi, teamed up with renowned companies like Louis Vuitton and mentors young artists through his Kaikai Kiki company. Murakami has just announced his collaboration with the Japanese icon, Hello Kitty. The Panda paintings of Murakami are some of his most recognizable works. Murakami is known as the Warhol of Japan because of his […]

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Works of Modern Masters

End of the Art World, made in 1971, is a 16-mm film that documents the works of the most avant-garde artists of the 1960s. Now available on DVD, the movie ends with the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the city of New York blowing up.

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