KAWS Work at VFA

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Limited Editions from the Blame Game Portfolio as well as other screenprints by KAWS are available at VFA. Please contact us if you would like more information about the work of KAWS or about any of the other fine art prints in our gallery.

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Donald Sultan Sculptures and Screenprints at VFA

Donald Sultan’s fascination with industrial materials began at his father’s tire shop in Asheville, North Carolina, where rubber was ground off old tires, heated and placed onto new tires and then into molds.

“I grew up working in that shop.” Sultan said, “The buffing room was a room with a big machine and a guy that chained-smoked Camels and was tattooed and had no teeth. And there were piles of soot. Black Rubber. And that’s where I liked to hang out because it was really sooty and gritty and interesting to me.”

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Carlos Rolón/Dzine: Outside/In

It’s easy to understand why Carlos Rolón has tender feelings for his childhood home. It was a warm, welcoming house, lovingly created by his Puerto Rican parents. Though many of us have good memories of our childhood, it would probably never occur to us to recreate our home…or that it would even be possible to recreate it. But that’s what Rolón does, and does so well.

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Alex Katz Prints and Paintings in Boca Raton, Florida

Still Time to See Alex Katz: Small Paintings at the Boca Museum Alex Katz didn’t begin to do the large paintings that he is so well known for, until the early 1960s, about fifteen years after he graduated from Cooper Union and began his career as an artist. He still creates small studies, both drawn and painted, in preparation for his larger works, and their painterly quality is superb. Katz’s early works, small paintings, are on display along with his larger […]

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Mel Bochner: Hired, Fired, Admired

Mel Bochner moved from Pittsburgh to New York in 1964, at the age of 24, to pursue his art career. He visited the Jewish Museum to see Jasper John’s White Flag and met an old classmate who was working as a museum guard. Bochner needed work, and his classmate said that a guard had quit the day before and there might be an opening.

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Jasper Johns Prints: In it for the Long Run

Jasper Johns is one of the artists featured at the Museum of Modern Art’s exhibit called Long Run. Each work, made after 1970, was done by an artist who was at least 45, although many were older. Included in the exhibit are works by Georgia O’Keeffe, Louise Bourgeois, Melvin Edwards, Gerhard Richter, Frank Stella, and many others.

Many artists, like Jasper Johns, were young and hungry and eager to shake up the art world when they produced their seminal works.

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Donald Sultan: From Disasters to Poppies

Early in his career, Sultan was among a small group of influential American artists who frequently collaborated with Picasso’s master-printer Aldo Crommelynck. He now works with printers closer to his Manhattan studio, creating works like Blacks and Blues, a screenprint with diamond dust and Lantern Flowers, silkscreened with enamel inks and flocking, both for sale at VFA.

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