Jasper Johns Fools Housens

Jasper Johns: Creating a Legacy

The current exhibit of Jasper Johns’ works at the Royal Academy in London is the most extensive show of the artist’s work to be held in the UK in 40 years. The show, called Jasper Johns: Something Resembling Truth, includes many of the paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures that Johns has created over the past sixty years.

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Ed Ruscha’s Hollywood Celebrated in Scotland

In 2015, Ruscha announced that he would donate one copy of every print he makes for the rest of his life to Tate, the umbrella organization that oversees the Tate Museums. As part of this year’s Edinburgh Art Festival, in conjunction with the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, The Tate has put together an exhibit of Ruscha’s work called Music from the Balconies: Ed Ruscha and Los Angeles.

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Robert Rauschenberg at MoMA and the Movies

The MoMA exhibit Rauschenberg: Among Friends includes over 250 works by the artist, which reflect his collaborative spirit during his sixty year career as an artist. The show will run through September 17.

The exhibit includes prints, drawings, photographs, audio and video recordings and even a work made of bubbling mud. Rauschenberg saw all materials and medium as potential works of art.

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Keith Haring’s Animals, Humans and Others

When he moved to New York in 1978, with a scholarship to the School of Visual Arts, Haring saw what he needed to do to perfect his style. “Graffiti were the most beautiful things I ever saw,” he said. “The kids who were doing it were very young and from the streets, but they had this incredible mastery of drawing which totally blew me away. I mean, just the technique of drawing with spray paint is amazing, because it’s incredibly difficult to do. And the fluidity of line, and the scale, and always the hard-edged black line that tied the drawings together. It was the line I had been obsessed with since childhood.”

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Donald Sultan: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Created from 1983 to 1990, the Disaster Paintings depict catastrophic events that Sultan saw in daily newspaper photos.

“The destruction depicted in them was mostly caused by unknowable or unseeable things.” Sultan said, “You don’t see the actual executioner; like shelling from artilleries 100 miles away. The destruction of the earth by oil rigs and refineries. And the poisoning of the waters. So you don’t see the direct result of the event but the fall out from the carrying of the wind.”

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Join Us at Market Art + Design

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Market Art + Design returns to The Bridgehampton Museum this July 2017, bringing the East End’s premier art fair to the center of bustling Bridgehampton. Market Art + Design, the successful evolution of Art Market Hamptons, will showcase presentations by top galleries enhanced by a striking and tightly curated Design component pulling from dealers and designers from around the world.

Download your complimentary passes here.

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