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Summer Selections at Vertu

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Here’s a look at just a few of our Summer favorites, for sale at Vertu. Frank Stella Frank Stella said that the protractor created both “stability and instability” in his work. Stella created his Protractor Series between 1967 and 1971. The series consists of large paintings and prints, where the protractor patterns are placed in what he called, Variations l, ll and lll. The variations consist of interlacing, concentric and fan-like patterns.In Bonne Bay the protractor patterns are interlaced, the […]

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Andy Warhol Shoes

Warhol’s illustrations for the I. Miller shoe company captured the attention of readers and stimulated the sales and reputation of the company. The ads “revitalized and revived the I. Miller brand, and from a dowdy, musty, fusty, dusty, dowager establishment, it became a stylish emporium for debutantes.”

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