As late autumn 2014 brings us closer to another bustling holiday season, our South Florida Contemporary Art Gallery has much for which we are grateful. Among our favorites are a group of new works from the greatest Pop, Op and Abstract Expressionist artists the world has ever known. It’s our pleasure to share such beauty with you, and we hope that you’ll visit with us soon, here in warm Boca Raton.

One spectacular work featured on a primary wall is a large scale dramatic landscape from American Pop Artist Alex Katz entitled, Gray Day. This Katz classic hits each of the artist’s high notes – cool and commercial, this eloquent piece works effortlessly to capture our attention and hold it. Just a glance at this lovely panoramic and the viewer is transported to a vogue Cape Cod beach, with little desire to leave.

In a very different way, YBA artist Damien Hirst continues to find new ways to push our buttons, challenging us to a confrontation with the weight issues of modern life. These days, the artist’s latest manipulation – oversized pharmaceuticals – places this multibillion dollar industry, with its powerful health and social implications, staring squarely at us. Drugs are potent enough when consumed on a microbiological level, but in macro iterations, they’re downright audacious. Newly available art from Hirst at VFA includes a host of recent sculpted multiples that bear the same clinical names as their diminutive counterparts.

As oversized replicas, the pharmaceuticals that Damien Hirst peddles have transcended habitats – from pharmacies and medicine cabinets – to art gallery shelves. Their artificial resin components and dyes appear docile compared to the healing, habitual and lethal effects associated with the formulations they represent. Needless to say, a football-sized likeness of Pfizer’s famous blue aphrodisiac is sure to be a conversation-starter. Likewise, five milligrams of Valium is anything but calming when consumed as a fist-sized replica.

Of course, of the newly available Pop Art works for sale, it’s hard to overlook the legendary status of Andy Warhol’s most famous screenprints. Of those that stop visitors in their tracks, Andy’s off-register 1967 Marilyn screenprints are arguably most powerful. Like any group of collectors, those who seek Warhol’s Pop masterpieces have varying opinions about his most “important” works, but to many, it’s the artist’s iconic variations of Marilyn Monroe that are so highly coveted.

On par with any of Warhol’s top tier celebrity portraits is the stunning Liz 1964. Warhol’s highly saturated Liz Taylor portrait captures the raw beauty and confidence of the young starlet in a manner so completely different from any other, that this remains one of the more valuable of the artist’s celebrity screenprints. As is true with all Warhol prints, this one is certain to not be available at VFA for long.

We welcome you to visit with us and take in each of the new works for sale at our gallery located within The Shops at Boca Center. In addition to the new offerings from Warhol, Katz and Hirst; you’ll also find new works from the likes of British Pop Artist Julian Opie, Donald Sultan (his new floral sculptures are magnificent) and much more.

If you’re a collector seeking a particular Pop, Op or Abstract Expressionist work, please contact us – we are always here for you!