Once again, we are proud to introduce newly acquired works that are now available at Vertu Fine Art. Among them is Andy Warhol’s famed Golden Mushroom – from Campbell’s Soup II, a well-known piece from the artist’s second set of soup works produced in 1969 − seven years after the collection that drew significant attention to emergence of the American Pop Art movement and Andy Warhol. As Warhol collectors will attest, every Warhol soup can from the 1960s is a cherished piece of history.

In 1964, as Andy Warhol was enjoyed newfound fame and success, he created Flowers, a series featuring his stylized version of the Mandrinette, a rare flowering shrub. Flower 1964 demonstrates how a part of nature morphs once it’s been “Warholized.” In this case, we see floral petals adorned with Day-Glo colors, which had their own moment in the sun over the increasingly psychedelic years of the 1960s. Fifty years later, this offset lithograph continues to captivate viewers, who bask in the warm energy of these vibrant colors.

Another new Warhol for sale at our Boca Raton gallery is Paramount, a screenprint from the ADS series. As a former commercial artist, Andy Warhol’s sensibilities led him to be particularly interested in commercial enterprises – and as an American enthralled with Hollywood, this version of the famous entertainment company brand appeared to be very much in line with the artist’s choice of subject. One of the oldest and most powerful motion picture studios in the business, Warhol’s treatment of logo appears to reduce its grandeur – with his version flattening the dimension and stripping it down to bare bones. Andy Warhol serves as the master magician of art, showing the audience how the deception of a trick is performed. Once Andy Warhol got his hands on an image, it may have started as someone else’s brand, but upon completion, it would become a Warhol brand.

Another celebrated Pop Artist with new works at VFA, Tom Wesselmann’s art showcase how he claimed his niche as the arguably the most sensual participant of a movement that counts emotional detachment among its most recognizable traits. Wesslemann’s Cut-Out Nude from 11 Pop Artists Vol. I is another cherished piece of history from the launch of Pop. Tom Wesselmann greets viewers with a bold confidence that stems from the artist’s ability to exaggerate and accentuate the features of his subject with lush, yet minimal detail. So expressive is each element contained that our minds never long for those features that the artist has chosen to omit.

Alex Katz continues to produce new works with the same cool reserve that placed him on the forefront of Pop Art many decades ago. At 87 years old, Katz is still dazzling collectors with large scale works consisting of flattened subjects and gorgeous palettes. White Roses is a new silkscreen consisting of 16 colors that viewers describe as intensely engaging, subtle and sublime.

British Pop Artist Julian Opie is among the talented artists who include Alex Katz as a major influence upon their craft. Five new lenticular acrylic woks from Opie are part of a new collection that’s drawing much attention from VFA visitors. Each work captures the essence of a societal role player – the Banker, Detective, Lawyer, Nurse and Student – strolling toward their next destination. Opie often wins praise for his ability to succinctly capture the intrinsic nature of human form in movement, and the addition of lenticular device only further demonstrates such capacity.

City Walkers I and City Walkers II are enthralling new steel relief sculptures from Opie that are now available for purchase at VFA. Opie’s latest fixation is squarely focused on the strides and styles of urban commuters. Both pieces showcase nine individuals answering the call to seek out that which motivates their movement. Body language and accessories work handsomely to define the mood and mindset of each participant – some intensely fixated on the road ahead, others engaged with mobile phones, and others enjoying a cup of coffee or cigarette. Each appears to have a unique degree of urgency attached to their movement. The scene grants us permission to people watch for as long as desired; no need to apologize for staring or judging participants based upon our perception of their traits.

The best way to enjoy any of the new Pop Art works currently for sale at VFA is to visit us at our gallery, located at The Shops of Boca Center. If you have questions about any of the new works or require assistance in acquiring something else, please contact us.