Preparing for high season here in South Florida, VFA continues to acquire unique treasures from the masters of Pop, Op and Abstract Expressionism. Our last blog post alluded to some of our favorite new pieces; well here is a supplemental installment of other new works currently generating buzz from visitors at our Boca Raton gallery.

Unique offerings from Andy Warhol include the recently acquired Polo, a silkscreened outlined image on a collage of colored papers from a delightful series revolving around various incarnations of the photographic subject, created by the artist in 1985. Considered “low key” and “subtle” by Warhol collector standards; visitors at VFA are taken with the simplicity and softness of this classic work. Provenance includes stamp and initials on verso from the Estate of Andy Warhol and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Two other works that share the same Provenance – all three will be included in the upcoming Warhol Catalogue Raisonne of Drawings, Paintings and Collages – are the lovely 1983 Tidal Basin pieces, created by the artist for an edition of The Washington Post Magazine. Warhol’s Washington, D.C. Tidal Basin silkscreens provide a wholly unique interpretation of this famous perspective of the Washington Monument and its reflection within the basin.

The Tidal Basin work featuring an image with couple in foreground is cropped to omit the monument itself, showcasing only the downward reflection of the monument, silkscreened with thick border on bold colored pages. The foliage surrounding the monument appears as though it could be overhanging from a tree above the couple in this soft romantic scene.

In another version, now available for sale at VFA, Warhol captures the monument and reflection together on softer toned blue and red papers – giving the work a gentle Americana color scheme. Nonetheless, a viewer’s initial glance could easily misplace it for a European scene, as the artist’s treatment of the print provides a likeness to what could easily be a French or Spanish scene.

Also available at VFA are two stunning contrasting sculptures from Pop Artist Donald Sultan. White Tulips and Black Tulips are quintessential current creations from the renowned artist most often heralded for his floral abstracts and his North Carolina tar black roots. Shown here against contrasting backgrounds, each of these works is likely to become the focal point of wherever they reside.

New creations from controversial British Pop Artist Damien Hirst include these three supersized representations of pharmaceutical products – each created with polyurethane resin and ink pigment. Hirst is unrelenting in his prodding of the public to awaken to the often overlooked components of the human existence. Most recently, it’s his fascination with the drug industry, whether approaching it molecularly (as in his spot paintings) or emphasizing the larger scale aspects of the product formations. Consuming these oversized products, it’s difficult to overlook the intertwined nature of brand marketing and the physical products themselves – saturated in brand uniforms. Hirst is once again the master of raising our consciousness by providing the most unusual of perspectives.

The works showcased here and in the previous blog are but a sample of the many our gallery has acquired recently. Please visit with us to behold these works as they are meant to be appreciated. Likewise, if there’s anything we can do to help you source a particular work, feel free to contact us. We hope to see you during the festive holiday season!