The new year has provided for some rather unique and wonderful American Pop Art acquisitions for our VFA gallery in Boca Raton, FL. Among these are eye-popping representations from Andy Warhol’s famous Space Fruit series. This surreal collection holds a special place in the hearts of Warhol collectors, as the series demonstrates Andy’s unadulterated approach to screenprint manipulations that produced signature pieces far afield from other such Contemporary screenprints in the late 1970s.

Evidence of the popularity of such Warhol prints is the fact that as of this writing, just one of three recently acquired Space Fruit works is still available at VFA. Space Fruit-Watermelon (F&S II, 199) possesses with divine clarity all that is extraordinary about these Warhol still-life interpretations. Warhol’s Watermelon is transcendent. Bold colors applied in such a way that the viewer’s mind feels it’s consuming a collage with overlaid shapes of paper, textured with Warhol’s hand drawn lines and contrasting shadows, rendering this still life as anything but organic.

Another American Pop Artist whose works are a staple at VFA is Keith Haring. The artist’s Stones #1, a 1989 limited edition lithograph, is complete with the iconography that made Haring an icon himself. The work is pure exuberance. Whether this piece represents to the viewer the oneness of man, the joy of life, faith or anything else one derived, it clearly illustrates the artist’s genius for turning simple lines and figures into something as energized as a pulsating dance party on paper.

Another exciting acquisition of Keith Haring art now available at our Boca Raton gallery is a set of five embossed silkscreens produced toward the end of the artist’s life. If you’re a local Keith Haring collector, we recommend that you stop by and view this pristine collection of prints as a set. The quality of this powerful collection of silkscreen icons − Haring’s Radiant Baby and untitled works referred to as barking dog, yellow angel, bat x-man and three-eyed smiling face are beautiful impressive editions.

A third American Pop Artist featuring new works at Vertu Fine Art Gallery is Ed Ruscha, whose 2012 Mark Twain Quote brings dramatic depth, visually to Twain’s words. The limited edition of 60 prints, co-published with Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, displays the German version of the statement apparently floating beneath the English words. Together the words lend vision to the quote living throughout space and time, their weightlessness a counterbalance to the heaviness such a statement carries. The angle of the subject presents the initial words, “THE ANCIENTS,” as living further back in time than the following words which approach us closer to the present period.

Another Ed Ruscha now hanging at VFA is Wall Rocket. Ruscha collectors are familiar with this series of prints from the artist featuring snowcapped mountains as the backdrop for white font delivering a juxtaposed conceptual offering. You need not be a “wall rocket scientist” to appreciate the strength of this work.

With season in South Florida in full swing, our inventory of impressive Contemporary Art from the masters of Pop, Optical and Abstract Expressionist movements continue to rotate in and out of our gallery at Boca Center. If you’re seeking any number of particular works, feel free to contact us or drop in for a visit.