The legacy that Keith Haring left for the world is one of hope, joy and learning.  He moved from his hometown of Kutztown, Pennsylvania to New York in 1978, when he was just twenty.

Haring died at age 31. His career was short, just ten years, but the impact he has had on the world is extraordinary.

Keith Haring at the Tate Liverpool

The Tate Liverpool is preparing for the first major exhibit of Keith Haring’s work in the U.K. The exhibit will showcase more than 85 artworks, including paintings, drawings and sculptures, some of which have never been seen outside of the U.S.

The exhibit will also display photographs, videos and posters to give visitors a feel of  1980s New York, and the culture in which Haring lived and worked. The exhibit will be on display from June 14 through November 10, 2019.

Keith Haring’s Collingwood Mural Restored

In 1984, Keith Haring visited Australia and painted a mural at the Collingwood Technical School, an inner city school in Melbourne. Haring’s art, and enthusiasm, made him a welcome distraction for students at the school. The school closed in 1987, and the mural faded, but art conservators in Melbourne fought hard to get it restored.

The video below, The Collingwood Mural: Keith Haring Uncovered, was created in 2015, after the mural restoration was completed. The video has footage from 1984, that shows the enthusiasm with which the work was received, the extraordinary reconstruction of the mural and even an interview with the thief who admitted he stole the door, complete with signature, from the mural.

Haring did dozens of murals around the world, including one, in 1986, on a section of the Berlin Wall. Before the wall was demolished in 1989, Haring wrote, in his diary:

… If it is not regarded as ‘sacred’ and ‘valuable’, then I can paint without inhibition, and experience the interaction of lines and shapes. I can paint spontaneously without worrying if it looks ‘good’; and I can let my movement and my instant reaction/response control the piece, control my energy (if there is any control at all) … It is temporary and its permanency is unimportant. Its existence is already established. It can be made permanent by the camera.

Keith Haring Works Available at VFA

Keith Haring wanted his art to be accessible to the public. His sense of design and his fearless use of colors and symbols gives his work universal appeal. Haring not only painted, but created screenprints, lithographs and ceramic pieces, some of which are available at VFA. Please contact us if you would like more information about the works of Keith Haring.

See More Keith Haring Work for Sale

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