American artist Jim Dine is well known for his contributions to American Pop Art and Neo-Dadaism − and equally well for his rejection of such categorizations. Regardless, his works continue influence others with regard to the use of iconic objects that carry weight within the realm of popular culture. Of the thematic paintings, prints and sculptures for which Jim Dine is appreciated, his hearts never fail to impress. The artist has transformed this common object to encapsulate a wide range of concepts. Mr. Dine’s hearts represent everything under the sun, including at times, the romantic notion that is forever attached to this universal symbol.

At our Boca Raton Contemporary Art Gallery, we cherish our current collection of Jim Dine Hearts and encourage that you visit with us to see them personally as they’re intended.

Two Hearts at Sunset is a favorite Jim Dine lithograph, with its rich layering providing depth of field and color alike. How intriguing that the yellow sun fights for its existence, challenging the black night that is predisposed to dominate the landscape. Such seemingly simple execution that draws the viewer in for more cerebral investigation speaks well to the power of the artist’s style. There’s the lovely complexity of the hearts that likely implies two individuals witnessing this time of day. Like the sunset behind them, the hearts appear serene, yet full of conflict and emotion as they too consist of dark and light elements.

Arguably the most sought after Jim Dime heart print currently available at VFA is Picabia II (Forgot), a dramatic lithograph that’s part of a three piece series done in tribute to painter Francis Picabia. Just as the artist Picabia was heralded for his contributions to Dadaism, this collage series is comprised in a style that could be considered Neo-Dada or Pop Art. Picabia II lends the viewer an array of symbolic forms to contemplate, as if driving down the Las Vegas strip at high speed and sorting out a variety of figures and words that enter the mind simultaneously. Seeing these juxtaposed symbols placed together suggests a popular culture snapshot that too requires assemblage within the mind.

A dramatic Jim Dine heart print for sale is Sunflower, a limited edition lithograph comprised of ten colors. Working within the eloquent confines of the artist’s singular favorite symbol flourishes the perception of yellow sunflower fields. Like all of Mr. Dine’s hearts, this print has depth – from the heart presented in the foreground to the edges of the design that give the appearance of a beveled frame. This work features a romanticism that has become more prevalent in modern Jim Dine works.

Another striking Jim Dine heart hanging in our Boca Raton Art Gallery is The Blue Heart. If you are in the vicinity, do come visit and take in this fun vibrant lithograph. This is one Jim Dine heart that’s most definitely beating, with bright yellow, pink, red, blue and lime green figures coursing through its veins. This signed edition is guaranteed to set a cheerful tone that resonates through any room fortunate enough to own it.
If you are a collector of Jim Dine, please contact us if you’d like to set an appointment or require assistance in locating a particular work. Of course, we also welcome walk in visits at our gallery located in The Shops at Boca Center, Boca Raton, FL.

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