Vertu is proud to have Jasper Johns prints for sale at our art gallery. The contemporary artist is considered one of the major pioneers in movements such as Minimalism, Abstract Expression, Conceptual Art and Pop Art. Johns has enjoyed a successful and prolific career and were eager to see what the artist still has to offer.

More About Jasper Johns

The American painter, printmaker and sculptor Jasper Johns created unique works from even the earliest stages of his career. Using various techniques, such as encaustic painting and by implementing materials such scraps of newspaper and other objects he found, the artist creates collages on his canvases before applying paint. By doing this he was able to give an incredibly rich fullness to many of his most famous works like Flag, Three Flags and Maps.

But Johns adventurous style isn’t limited to his paintings. The artist has been very prolific in the creation of innovative prints. Some of Johns prints were created by implementing techniques that weren’t commonly used in the production artistic prints before he made use of these methods, such as intaglio printing and offset lithography.

My primary concern is visual form. The visual meaning may be discovered afterwards – by those who look for it.”
—Jasper Johns

The artist’s style is unique to his own interpretation. Instead of creating works after styles such as Abstract Expressionism, Johns has taken a different approach to the creation of his artwork. His work often shows objects or symbols the viewer is already familiar with, but detaches these symbols and objects from their original meanings in order to instigate a narrative within the viewer’s mind as to what the interpretation of a particular print, painting or sculpture should really be. While Johns’ style is typically considered Conceptual Art, the artist regularly features idea from other styles in his paintings and he’s influenced Minimal and Pop art as well.

Johns Contribution to the American Art World

When Johns isn’t creating art, he is helping to promote it. In 1963 Johns founded the Foundation for Contemporary Arts together with composer John Cage. Initially intended to be an initiative to help performing artists, the funds were raised by donated artworks that were auctioned. The first benefit exhibition was received really well. Renowned artists like Marcel Duchamp, Willem de Kooning, Robert Motherwell, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg donated artworks in support of the foundation. The foundation has awarded more than 500 grants to artist since its founding.

Because of the contribution Johns has made to further arts and culture through this initiative and his own work, he was honored with the Presidential Medal of freedom by president Barack Obama in 2011. Very few painters or sculptors have been have been granted this honor. Before Johns received the award, it was last awarded to a visual artist in 1977 when Alexander Calder was granted the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously by president Gerald Ford.

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