Katherine Bernhardt, Jonas Wood and Eddie Martinez are three of the eight artists who have created works to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Greenpeace.

Katherine Bernhardt 1975 –

“For Greenpeace I chose to paint a pair of sharks framed by rolls of toilet paper,” Bernhardt told ArtSpace. “I’ve been painting sharks But now they–and us–are all at risk.”

Bernhardt has moved from her Brooklyn studio back to her home town of St. Louis, where she has a studio large enough to accommodate some of the massive works that does, and a gallery to show her work and the works of local artists.

“Bernhardt has shown herself to be an entirely unique painter of our times chronicling her life and the larger culture through a daring painterly technique and an expansive sense of form and space,” said art critic, Nicole Rudick.

Her works also reflect her energy and love of color, as she explains in this, I Love Color video.

At the recent Frieze Fair in Seoul, one of the first pieces that sold  was a painting by Bernhardt. It was a fluorescent Pink Panther that sold for $250,000.

Jonas Wood 1977 –

Jonas Wood created Yellow Flower for the  Greenpeace portfolio.

The Los Angeles-based artist draws his surroundings, often close to home, and uses the pottery of his wife, Shio Kusaka, and sometimes magazine photos, for inspiration. Wood is also an avid basketball fan, and basketballs are a recurring object in his work.

Susumu Kamijo 1975 –

Wood’s work and the work of Susumu Kamijo are going to be shown together in Las Vegas. The venue is not a casino or hotel, but a decommissioned Greyhound bus station, in the historic Fremont district. Although Kamijo is based in New York and Wood in L.A., the fellow artists have been very supportive of one another.

Kamijo’s paintings of beautifully groomed dogs were inspired by his visits to dog shows with his dog-groomer girlfriend.

Eddie Martinez 1977 –

Brooklyn-based artist, Eddie Martinez, has been showing his works alongside those of his wife, artist, Sam Moyer. While her work is minimal, Martinez’s work is composed of layers of paint and, recently, paper pulp.

His contribution to the Greenpeace portfolio is GPBF, 2022, instantly recognizable as a signature Martinez work.

Each of these contemporary artists’ works are highly sought after in the U.S. and international markets.

Please contact us if you would like more information about the works of Katherine Bernhardt, Jonas Wood, Susumu Kamijo or Eddie Martinez available at VFA.

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