Everything seems a little brighter this holiday season. Even some of the artwork in the Vertu Fine Art Gallery has a special glow.

Here’s a look at some of the fine art prints, paintings and sculptures that capture the joy of the season:

Donald Sultan: Diamond Dust

Donald Sultan used found building materials, like tar and masonite, for his early works when he began his career as a struggling artist in New York in the 1970s and ’80s. As his career evolved and grew, he began to expand his repertoire of subjects and materials, using diamond dust, flocking and even sculpting with aluminum.

Carole Feuerman: More Glitter

Carole Feuerman was an early pioneer of the Hyperrealist Movement in the 1970s. Her sculptures and prints can be found in public spaces, museums and galleries around the world.

Richard Anuszkiewicz: Nostalgia

A major force in the Op Art movement, the work of Richard Anuszkiewicz lends itself to the complimentary red and green theme of the holidays.

In 1965, Anuszkiewicz was one of several artists who were commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art to design Christmas cards to be sold to the public.

He kept the tradition of making cards for friends and family every year, some of which are available at VFA.

The artist, who said that he wanted to make “something romantic out of a very, very mechanistic geometry” died this year, at age 89.

Robert Indiana – Love and Hope

One of the most universally recognized symbols is Robert Indiana‘s LOVE design, which he created for MoMA’s Christmas collection in 1965.

Variations of LOVE and HOPE can be found as monumental sculptures in public spaces around the world, on postage stamps and in museums and galleries nationally and internationally.

Robert Indiana died in May, 2018, at age 89, leaving a symbol that will live on.

Yoshitomo Nara: Just for Fun

Yoshitomo Nara is one of Japan’s most beloved artists. His works have a Japanese sensibility, influenced by manga, Disney cartoons and the puck rock he heard on broadcasts from a nearby American Army base.

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