Join us for drinks and fun:
Saturday, March 8, 2014, from 6 – 10pm
Vertu Fine Art: 5250 Town Center Circle, Suite 128, Boca Raton, Florida 33486

New prints and sculptures from painter and printmaker, Donald Sultan. An upcoming Contemporary Art Show at Vertu Fine Art in Boca Raton, FL will feature new floral works on display from artist Donald Sultan. The show, taking place March 8th (6pm -10pm), will showcase a number of recent Donald Sultan pieces, including captivating sculptures and prints from the artist. Among the elegant works on display will be three sculptures – Black Lantern Flower, Yellow Lantern Flower and Red Lantern Flower. Each in this series of three painted aluminum sculptures is as exquisite as the next. Donald Sultan’s floral sculptures possess a delicate organic nature of being. Each floral structure appears to have landed gently on the polished aluminum base, balancing lightly on one touch point. Sultan collectors who endeavor to purchase the series will need to act quickly, as they are part of a limited edition of twenty each.

Other recent Donald Sultan floral works on display in our Boca Raton Contemporary Art Gallery next month include a vibrant series of Lantern Flowers. The series includes a variety of eight different colored floral screen prints – coral, aqua, yellow, blue, olive, purple, red and white. Each solid colored flower is set in enamel ink, with the color radiating from black tar-like negative space, textured with flocking.  Once again, collectors of Donald Sultan screen prints will find themselves drawn toward multiple prints, as the colors are even more breathtaking viewed together. We find ourselves hanging these prints in quads.

Having collected and sold prints of Donald Sultan’s floral exaggerations for years, it’s evident that this is an artist who is consistently in high demand, as his masterpieces hold universal appeal for discriminating collectors. Whether you gravitate toward Abstract Expressionist, Pop or any realm of Contemporary Art, it’s difficult not to be enthralled with the works of Donald Sultan. Often described as soothing, uplifting and “simply gorgeous” − Sultan’s floral designs convey the complex beauty of nature in its most simplistic forms. Another series of screen prints recently completed by Donald Sultan that will be on display at VFA  includes White and Red and Black and Red – two works that possess the artist’s signature tar-like textured elements combined with enamel inks. The bold colors, sculpted lines and heavy contrast are in line with the components that define the Donald Sultan brand. This pair of prints is more intricate and abstract than many recent works by the artist, yet possesses the same organic feel with an enhanced sense of movement.

A significant aspect of Sultan’s appeal to collectors is the manner in which industrial materials have been adopted by the artist. Such industrial materials include tar, which the artist describes as an essential part of his roots, as formative years were spent as a “tar heel” son of North Carolina. For an artist that produces works of intense contrast, the process itself is consistent with a dichotomy that creates such contrast – employing industrial materials to create works that feel organic. Please be sure to join us at our Boca Raton Art Gallery on March 8th to explore these masterful works. If you have questions about the upcoming show, new Donald Sultan work or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us.