After more than six decades, Contemporary Artist Frank Stella’s works continue to confound and entertain us on a number of levels. Stella has consistently challenged the viewer to determine their own sense of meaning, beyond any intention of the artist – implied, unconsciously contributed or otherwise. Of course the pleasure derived from consuming such works is to decode the subconscious reasoning behind apparently orchestrated alignments of colors, shapes and contrasts that become the art’s subject. Frank Stella remains a favorite of ours at Vertu Fine Art and we’re please to showcase an impressive collection of works currently available for sale, including those explored here.

In the 1980s and 1990s Frank Stella created over 130 works – including various sculptures, installations and lithographs – referencing the storytelling of Herman Melville’s literary masterpiece Moby Dick. Dome, from the Moby Dick Domed Series suggests a stormy collection of layers to be contemplated. Whether viewing this piece from the color-saturated perimeter inward or from the curvaceous central patterns outward, this piece introduces puzzling sets of options that compete for our attention. Certainly this Stella work is indicative of the artist’s movement away from minimalism toward an unbridled modernistic approach to Abstract Expressionism.

Another famous Frank Stella print for sale at VFA is Inaccessible Island Rail, from the artist’s Exotic Bird Series. A splendid example of the artist’s more minimalist works for the 1970s, this print is a highly sought representation of the Stella’s oversized reliefs. This Stella work includes use of the French curve, a tool that became part of the artist’s common language at mid-career.

Another offset lithograph and screenprint from the Exotic Bird Series that’s currently available is Noguchi’s Okinawa Woodpecker. Like all Frank Stella works from this time period, there’s a sincere effort by the artist to distance the material finality of the work from any direct correlation to the implied subject within the title.

Another iconic Stella work for sale at VFA is Sinjerli-Variation III – indicative of another popular tool of precision – the protractor – that maintained a regular presence within the artist’s vocabulary in the 1960s and 1970s particularly. Using this well-known mathematic apparatus, Frank Stella repeatedly explored varieties of intersecting, interlocking and overlapping circular forms. Stella’s vibrant color saturations are pleasing to the eye and draw the viewer into a world in which these forms compete with one another and coexist harmoniously at the same time.

Another Frank Stella masterpiece print on sale at VFA is Egyplosis Relief – a cacophonic mixture of shapes, patterns and colors coming together to form a potent multilayered subject of interest. As if experiencing an artist’s dream rendering, viewers are enlightened with newfound insights and details each time this work is consumed. Completed in 1996, this piece is emblematic of the artist’s mid-career style.

Frank Stella continues to be regarded as one of America’s great living Contemporary Artists. If you’re a collector seeking a particular Frank Stella work, feel free to contact us for assistance or visit our Boca Raton Contemporary Art Gallery.