Our gallery is known to consistently acquire unique and highly sought-after works from the most respected Abstract Expressionist, Pop Art and Optical Art masters. Here is a look at some impressive art recently added to our collection of limited edition prints for sale.

American born Contemporary Artist Robert Motherwell is one of the more famous members of the New York School of Abstract Expressionists that challenged art traditions in the 1950s. Motherwell created a series of remarkable silkscreen prints known as the Africa Suite in 1970. The series consists of 10 large format screenprints that beautifully represent the primal nature of the magical continent. Africa, Belknap 43 is a bold piece, with rich contrast that suggests much about the harmonious nature of the land and its inhabitants. The Africa Suite is historically significant, as this series was Motherwell’s first set of silkscreen prints.

Pop Artist Andy Warhol’s portrait of Joseph Beuys is another outstanding work currently available at VFA. Among the Warhol portraits of famous people – including Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Mick Jagger and others – this is a rather significant depiction of German Artist Joseph Beuys. Like Warhol, Beuys was widely recognized as one of the most important Contemporary Artists of his time. Though the two artists went about their craft in very different ways, stylistically and philosophically, Warhol’s series of Beuys prints demonstrates a real connection between the two. The white diamond dust component brings an actionable component and impressive dimension to this print, one that must be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

Ed Ruscha’s Mark Twain Quote, is another spectacular print now available at our Boca Raton Art Gallery. Twain’s words float above the surface in English language, with gradient color and German translation lying beneath. Demonstrative of Ruscha’s Pop Art genius, the older German language appears faded in the background, at a depth that suggests it’s living in the past. As such, it indicates that even this statement has already been “stolen” too. Ed Ruscha’s works of this nature, bold statements springing from the landscape, strike the viewer’s mind in a peculiar way. Ruscha’s creations spark a wonderful dance between the logical part of the brain that processes language and the creative areas that digest art.

Crak! is a recently acquired classic by American Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein. This signed lithograph is among the most highly sought works from Lichtenstein, created in 1964 when the artist was quickly rising and quite controversial. Roy Lichtenstein’s comic representations are now synonymous with post war American Pop Art.

Imperfect Print for B.A.M was created by Roy Lichtenstein for the Brooklyn Academy of Music (B.A.M.), in celebration of their 125th anniversary in 1987. The abstract piece features the artist’s signature Ben Day dots and thick parallel lines within its geometric shapes. This woodcut/screenprint is one of eight prints created to honor the Brooklyn institution. Donald Sultan, Francesco Clemente and David Salle are among the others who created works for the celebration as well. Roy Lichtenstein developed a number of “Imperfect” works at this time, considered imperfect because some shapes extend into the border.

These selections represent a small sample of the high quality art currently available at our gallery located in The Shops at Boca Center. Please visit or contact us if you’d like to set an appointment or if you require assistance in sourcing other works.

Thank you for your interest in Vertu Fine Art!