Bonne Bay

Frank Stella Bonne Bay

Frank Stella
Bonne Bay – from the Newfoundland Series (Axsom 55), 1971
Lithograph And Screenprint On Special Arjomari
38 x 70 in

The NEWFOUNDLAND SERIES PRINTS and their counterparts in the painting series of the same name (1969-70) are variant configurations of the
Protractor Series paintings of 1967-71.Their titles name two towns and a bay located on the west coast of Newfoundland. In the prints, the squared
and double-squared formats of interlacing protractors are framed by white margins, creating an effect quite different from the overwhelming
immediacy of the paintings. The regular margins create a psychho-logical distancing, and in the prints these designs of the paintings are, in a
sense, re-presented for our consideration.

Fluorescent inks, emulating Stella’s use of Fluorescent paints in the Protractor Series, were incorporated to intensify color. Selective gloss-varnish overprinting and screen printed areas added textural variety.Also, in order to maintain a precision of line that would not be jeopardized by the
stretching of paper during lithographic printing, outlines surrounding the segmented shapes were screenprinted. These lines and the white interstices, which do not appear in the paintings, boldly separate the color shapes, establishing tensions between their strict bounding of forms and
the aggressive optical play of the colors.

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    This work has been sold.

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