It’s time, once again, for us to head to Pier 36 in New York for the 2020 Art on Paper fair.

This year we join more than ninety galleries to celebrate paper-based artworks, which are our passion and main focus at VFA. We’re showcasing the works of Carmen Herrea, Julian Opie, Michael Craig-Martin, Jonas Wood and we’ll be debuting a new work by Alex Katz.

Alex Katz

The Guggenheim Museum is organizing a 2020 retrospective of the works of Alex Katz, one of the world’s most masterful printmakers. Katz has honed his unique, straight forward and deceptively simple style over a career than has spanned more than sixty years. He has never succumbed to trends in art, and has focused on figures, landscapes and flowers, skillfully using bold colors in both his paintings and fine art prints.

The artfulness with which Katz uses color in his prints make them instantly recognizable. A first glance at his Coca-Cola Girl series, available at VFA, looks like uncomplicated color and design, but a closer look reveals sophisticated design and multiple layers of color in each work.

Julian Opie

At age 62, Julian Opie is thirty years younger than Alex Katz, but shares a similar sensibility. His figures are reduced to a bare minimum, with flat colors surrounded by simple lines. The amazing thing about Opie’s work is how mesmerizing it is and how the viewer sees more than just a head, or people walking.

Opie’s works are as relatable in Tokyo and Lisbon as they are in New York and in London, where he was born and raised.

Both Katz and Opie work in a variety of mediums, and are printmakers, painters and sculptors, but it is their works on paper, their fine art prints, that we appreciate most at VFA, and we know that the collectors at the Art on Paper fair will admire their works, as well.

Art on Paper at VFA

Please contact us if you would like more information about the works of Alex Katz, Julian Opie or any of the other fine artists whose works are available at VFA.