Whether you’re an avid Warhol collector, a casual admirer or a critic of the artist’s work, there’s simply no denying the mammoth impact that Andy Warhol had on pop art and the art world at-large.

At Vertu, whenever we have new Andy Warhol prints for sale, it’s exhilarating. Warhol’s own celebrity loomed as large as the celebrities he painted − and in fact, for many Warhol collectors, it’s precisely the artist’s celebrity that lends a palpable emotional charge to his work.

Created in 1980, Andy Warhol’s Shoes (Deluxe Edition) Serigraph with diamond dust is one of the new Andy Warhol prints available at Vertu. For collectors who fancy Warhol’s shoe works, these diamond dust shoes are a real find. Part of a small edition (10), one must view this piece in person to fully appreciate its texture and glittering appeal. A lover of all things opulent, Andy Warhol had intended on using real diamond dust powder to make his series of diamond dust shoes, but quickly learned that real diamond dust is too chalky, thus the work was developed with pulverized glass pieces instead.

This authenticated unique Queen Margrethe II of Denmark is yet another captivating new Andy Warhol print for sale. In 1985, Warhol created a series of screenprints with subjects that included four contemporary queens. The series includes Queen Elizabeth II of the U.K., Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and Queen Ntombi Twala of Swaziland, in addition to Queen Margrethe II. The juxtaposition of Warhol’s commercial and minimalist styling with that of the regal monarchs, used to being painted in dense realist detail, is striking. This is perhaps just one reason why this Warhol series or prints are so highly regarded by collectors worldwide.

S&H Green Stamps is another new Andy Warhol print for sale. For those of us old enough to remember the actual S & H Green Stamps, were ubiquitous in household for decades until the 1980s, there’s nostalgic memories of pasting stamps in collector’s books, which would eventually be redeemed for a variety of products. S & H stamps (created by the Sperry & Hutchinson company) were given out at supermarkets and other retailers and in their heyday, the annual production of these stamps was triple the number of traditional stamps produced by the United States Post Office. Warhol’s S&H Green Stamp screenprint is one of a series of approximately 300. In 1965, Andy Warhol used the S&H Green Stamps motif for 6,000 invitations that were folded and mailed.

Daisy is another unique Warhol print. In 1982, Warhol created a highly stylized series of daisy prints, each with a variety of saturated colors. For a number of collectors, Warhol’s daisies are a must-have, as they represent this definable period of the artist’s life and work, and his ability to transform even the most simple organic subject into what appears to be a commercial version of its self.

Perhaps our favorite new Andy Warhol print is this imaginative and bright camouflage work. While the obvious perspective is simply that Warhol flipped the switch on a pattern intended to help combatants blend into their natural surroundings, others delight in drawing conclusions about work’s ability to reveal elements of the artist’s personality. How interesting to imagine that within the camouflage works, Andy Warhol entertained the concept of his own desires and abilities to hide in plain sight. Warhol embraced the spotlight, yet often revealed so little.

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