Still Time to See Alex Katz: Small Paintings at the Boca Museum

Alex Katz didn’t begin to do the large paintings that he is so well known for, until the early 1960s, about fifteen years after he graduated from Cooper Union and began his career as an artist. He still creates small studies, both drawn and painted, in preparation for his larger works, and their painterly quality is superb. Katz’s early works, small paintings, are on display along with his larger works at the Boca Raton Museum of Art.

The exhibit Alex Katz: Small Paintings opened last November at the Boca Raton Museum of Art and will run through April 8, 2018.

Alex Katz: The Smile Series

Women, fashion and women in fashion have always played a large role in Katz’s works. He’s currently working on a Calvin Klein series, in which his models are posed in classic cotton Calvin Klein underwear. In a recent interview in Women’s Wear Daily, Katz said that style helps to keep his work current. ““Fashion helps make my art exist in the present tense. If fashion achieves style, it always looks good and the same thing is true with painting.”

Katz said that fashion has always been a large influence in his life. “My parents were interested in fashion. They’d watch the movies and talk about how so-and-so wore the clothes. In the Seventies, fashion was considered too ephemeral for a serious artist to do, which made it more interesting. I did a lot of work with fashion and a lot of serious people didn’t like it and I didn’t care.”

The Smile Series, completed last year, is a series of portraits of Katz’s favorite models, including Ada, his muse and wife of sixty years. Ada from Smiles ll is for sale at VFA.

Katz has been painting women in little black dresses since 1960. When his last series of paintings was shown in 2015, Calvin Klein wrote the forward to the catalogue. “I also love what a simple black dress says about the woman who wears it.” Klein wrote. “By making such a subtle and concise choice, she’s letting the world know she is strong and her sense of self is powerful.”

Alex Katz Prints and Sculptures For Sale at VFA

Alex Katz is a masterful painter, who can distill his subjects with subtle color and composition, intense light and skillful brushstrokes. At age 90, Katz says that he is painting better than ever.

Please contact us for more information about Spring Flowers, Ada from Smiles ll, Ulla from Black Dress or any of the other works by Alex Katz for sale at VFA.

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