Museums and galleries around the world are trying to adjust to the new normal of social distancing during this pandemic. Some have remained online, some have reopened and some have found unique ways of allowing visitors to view art.

Here’s a look at some of our featured artists and the varied venues that are showcasing their work.

Alex Katz in Shanghai and Alone

An exhibit of the works of Alex Katz is currently on display at the Fosun Foundation in Shanghai.

The Foundation building, an international art and event venue along the waterfront in Shanghai, has reopened and is featuring the paintings and sculptures of Alex Katz.

The exhibit will run through August 9, 2020.

Back in the U.S., Alex Katz’s works are being shown in a very different sort of venue.

Installation view of Alone Gallery’s exhibition: Alex Katz: Three Portraits
Photo credit: Adam Robb

East Hampton gallery owner, Tripoli Patterson, has created a space for the times…the Alone Gallery, where, after using hand disinfectant placed at the gallery entrance, only a single visitor at a time is allowed into the gallery.

Alex Katz: Three Portraits is exactly that, an exhibit of three of the artist’s portraits. There is just a single viewer, with no staff or security, allowed inside the gallery. There are security cameras, and QR codes that viewers can access if they have questions about the exhibit. Patterson himself watches the cameras and interacts with each visitor.

This is the Alone Gallery’s first exhibit, an artistic experiment in social distancing.

Postcards from Julian Opie, Katherine Bernhardt…and Boy George

Art on a Postcard announcement, featuring Julian Opie’s Deer 3

Art on a Postcard is an annual fundraiser to help eliminate Hep C in the UK. This year the auction will be held online, and includes works by Julian Opie, Katherine Bernhardt and even Boy George (who had a sold out show of his artwork in Monaco last November.)

Katherine Bernhardt, who is based in Brooklyn and travels around the world for her imported rug business, has been in quarantine in Guatemala since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, where she’s been working and even painted an outdoor mural.

Derrick Adams at St. Pete Museum Re-Opening

The St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts will reopen to members on September 12th with an exhibition of works from Derrick Adams Floater Series.

Derrick Adams: Buoyant will run through November 29th. The museum hopes to be able to announce a public opening date soon.

Featured Art Work at VFA

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