Shepard Fairey Luxurious Sounds, 2014

Shepard Fairey’s Cautionary Tone Hits All The Low Notes

Like Warhol, Johns, Lichtenstein and other American Pop artists before him, the power of Fairey’s art lies in it’s ability to lead us to question our beliefs. Unlike some of his predecessors, Shepard Fairey shows little desire to cloak his message in subtleties. Fairey is a 21st century artist who fully understands the importance of building a brand and the OBEY brand is served up with a solid graphic consistency.

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Transcendent Warhol Works for Sale at VFA

When considering the appeal of Andy Warhol Prints, we think of the eccentric Pop Art trendsetter who forever changed the world with his manipulation of modern icons. In doing so, Andy Warhol brought insights that prompted conversations about how Americans consume. How we consumer art, celebrity and commercial goods – all with an unending need for something bigger, bolder and more magnificent than what we’ve devoured previously!

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Roy Lichtenstein Crak!, 1964

Lichtenstein’s Perfect Pop Vehicle

As we admire the work of Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein it seems unimaginable that this was once a creator who struggled to find his artistic voice. Like most accomplished artists, he honed his craft by emulating the techniques of those masters who moved him. Initially it was European Artists, such as Picasso and Miró, and by the late 1950s, Lichtenstein was fascinated by the action painters – Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock.

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Alex Katz White Roses

New at VFA: Warhol, Wesselmann, Katz and More

Once again, we are proud to introduce newly acquired works that are now available at Vertu Fine Art. Among them is Andy Warhol’s famed Golden Mushroom – from Campbell’s Soup II, a well-known piece from the artist’s second set of soup works produced in 1969 − seven years after the collection that drew significant attention to emergence of the American Pop Art movement and Andy Warhol.

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Competing Layers: Frank Stella Work Available at VFA

After more than six decades, Contemporary Artist Frank Stella’s works continue to confound and entertain us on a number of levels. Stella has consistently challenged the viewer to determine their own sense of meaning, beyond any intention of the artist – implied, unconsciously contributed or otherwise. Of course the pleasure derived from consuming such works is to decode the subconscious reasoning behind apparently orchestrated alignments of colors, shapes and contrasts that become the art’s subject.

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Chuck Close: Process, Piecework and Portraits

Viewing the works of American Contemporary Artist Chuck Close is much like traveling to a familiar place, but taking a new route every time. The artist, who is best known for his large scale photo mosaic portraits, continues to be one of the more fascinating New York artists living today. Like all masterful artists, Chuck Close has perfected a signature style that’s unmistakably his.

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Julian Opie’s Human Form Masterworks

You need travel no further than the interactive map on Julian Opie’s website to gain proper perspective of this British Contemporary Artist’s worldwide reach. Opie studied at the renowned Goldsmiths, University of London in the early 1980s, where he was a student of artist Michael Craig-Martin − another British master of earthly forms.

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Steven Gagnon’s America

One thing modern American Pop Artists seem to do best is to find new ways of illuminating our cultural shortcomings. From our national religion of consumerism to the establishment’s wielding of power, artists such as Steve Gagnon lift our ostrich heads out of the ground just long enough to consider realities we often choose to overlook.

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Shepard Fairey: Dissent Goes Pop

Before the Internet became mainstream media and Web 2.0 social channels made content sharing an everyday cultural norm, innovative young artists like Shepard Fairey relied on Word of Mouth advertising to launch “viral” campaigns. Like Pop Artist Keith Haring, who took to Manhattan’s subway stations to garner exposure for his early works, Shepard Fairey employed street tactics to plant seeds of inquiry about the nature of his artistic intentions. In 1989, while a student at the Rhode Island School of […]

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Our Creation: The VFA Experience

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Our focus is on the Contemporary Art that we find most intriguing – Pop Art, Optical Art and Abstract Expressionism. We feature some of the most famous works by the masters of each category, coupled with rare finds that are equally, and sometimes more, enticing to serious collectors. Pop Art collectors familiar with our gallery may think of our gallery to a Pop shop – featuring so many classic works from the likes of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Indiana, Keith Haring and Tom Wesselmann …

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All That Glitters: Hirst’s Diamond Skulls

Time and again, British Pop Artist Damien Hirst has demonstrated that when it comes to Contemporary Art, no subject is out of bounds. In fact, if there’s a subject that’s typically deemed “out of bounds” by the mores of our modern society, such a subject is most certainly inbounds for Hirst. Death, in particular, is a consistent theme that is contemplated when viewers consume the works of Damien Hirst. For the Love of God, one of the artist’s most famous works, is as controversial today as it was when the sculpture was first unveiled in 2007.

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Available At VFA: Signed Editions from Contemporary Art Masters

Our gallery is known to consistently acquire unique and highly sought-after works from the most respected Abstract Expressionist, Pop Art and Optical Art masters. Here is a look at some impressive art recently added to our collection of limited edition prints for sale. American born Contemporary Artist Robert Motherwell is one of the more famous members of the New York School of Abstract Expressionists that challenged art traditions in the 1950s. Motherwell created a series of remarkable silkscreen prints known […]

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Tom Wesselmann Nudes for Sale at VFA

For many collectors of American Pop Art, the works of Tom Wesselmann easily stand out from the crowd as extraordinary. Wesselmann’s shapes, landscapes, perspective and lovely subjects land this artist in rarified air. With regard to capturing the sensuality of the female form, no one has done it better. At VFA, we are ardent admirers of Tom Wesselmann’s works and proud of our current lineup of screenprints for sale at our Boca Raton Gallery. One of the more dramatic Wesselmann […]

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Jim Dine

Jim Dine’s Hearts: Available at VFA

American artist Jim Dine is well known for his contributions to American Pop Art and Neo-Dadaism − and equally well for his rejection of such categorizations. Regardless, his works continue influence others with regard to the use of iconic objects that carry weight within the realm of popular culture. Of the thematic paintings, prints and sculptures for which Jim Dine is appreciated, his hearts never fail to impress. The artist has transformed this common object to encapsulate a wide range […]

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Action Painting: Subconscious Revelations Change Abstract Expressionism

In the post-war America of the 1940s and 1950s, a number of New York Abstract Expressionist Artists captured the imagination of the public with regard to the mechanisms of their craft − a style described as “Action Painting.” In 1952, it was art critic Harold Rosenberg who officially named this style within his article about the trend among various members of the New York School, most notably Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Franz Kline. In the years leading up […]

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