Keith Haring Artwork

Keith Haring is known for blurring the lines between fine art, graffiti and cartoon. His works feature shapes and characters that are highlighted with thick, black outlines as is often seen in graffiti and cartoons, but make no mistake, Haring is one of the most celebrated artists of the twentieth century. Throughout his career, the artist worked with many famous icons such as the musicians Grace Jones and Madonna as well as fellow artists Futura and Kenny Scharf. Haring’s Colorful […]

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Andy Warhol Art for Sale

It should come as no surprise that Warhol introduced a commercial perspective to the higher art world, as some of his early works actually included designing album covers and promotional materials for a record company. Most likely, Warhol started to realize that he could blur the line between high and low art at the time he was creating these commercial designs.

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Frank Stella Artwork - Gisiang

Frank Stella Artwork

The American artist Frank Stella (born May 12, 1936) was a revolutionary pioneer in the world of modern art. His artwork embodies a unique artistic approach that’s focused on changing the way we perceive art. Throughout his career, Stella has placed much emphasis on exploring different artistic ideas, which has lead his style to change drastically over the span of his life. Surprisingly enough, his bold experimentation and complete shift in focus has been received very positively in the art world, and Stella is considered a thought leader by many.

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Jasper Johns prints for sale - Map

Jasper Johns Prints for Sale

Vertu is proud to have Jasper Johns prints for sale at our art gallery. The contemporary artist is considered one of the major pioneers in movements such as Minimalism, Abstract Expression, Conceptual Art and Pop Art. Johns has enjoyed a successful and prolific career and were eager to see what the artist still has to offer.

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Alex Katz Prints - The Blue Umbrella

Alex Katz Prints

Katz has reproduced many of his beautiful paintings through printmaking, in fact, he has been more prolific in printmaking than many of his peers, and has produced more than 400 editions to date. The artist has used a wide variety of various techniques for the production of his prints, such as lithography, silkscreen, linoleum cut and woodcut.

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Roy Lichtenstein Artwork - Look Mickey

Roy Lichtenstein Artwork

Roy Lichtenstein is best known for his comic book inspired artwork. The artist is a worldwide phenomenon and his work is loved by many who don’t hold a particular interest in art. In 2009, his 1964 work of enamel on steel, Crying Girl, could be seen as it came to life in the movie Night At the Museum 2.

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